Why would you ask a construction company to remove their American Flag?


    As a long time customer of T Mobile and an American I'm highly offended your corporate office contacted a jobsite today to have an American flag taken down from a crane.  America is building your enterprise here in the US, and to many, the same pride in construction we use building your facilities is seen and resembled by that flag.  As an American it stands as a symbol of our nation and it's people, and I'm extremely disappointed in T Mobile's stance at either forcing the worker to remove it, or have their company permanently banned from T Mobile construction sites.  If it is offensive to someone in your offices, they should consider relocating outside of the Nation that flag stands for.  Please reconsider your position on this, as a T-Mobile user for over 15 years I will show my support by changing Cellular providers to someone more understanding to the construction workers, and what that flag means to the MAJORITY of everyone living and working here in the US.

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