Cannot Access My TMobile


    Does anyone at TMO know why I cannot link my phone number to My T-Mobile online?


    I called 611 and the tech was not very helpful.  I also went to a TMO store and the tech there could not fix the issue either.



    I just activated prepaid service a few and am not happy that I don't have any way to manage my account online. Nobody at TMO can give me a straight answer as to why I cannot link my number to the profile I created during activation. If this is not fixed soon I will be heading back to AT&T.


    Thank you to anyone from TMO who can actually get this fixed.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Cannot Access My TMobile

        Hey, makelly95!


        Welcome to our Support Community! Being able to manage your account online is a must! Let's see if we can get this figured out. When you set-up your account, did you register at ? If so, you should've been sent a verification text to your T-Mobile phone to proceed with signing up. Can you please give me more info on what happened when you signed up?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Cannot Access My TMobile

          Did you still need some help here? We really wanna make sure you get access to your account. Please give us a reply and keep us update. Thanks!

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Cannot Access My TMobile

            Hey, makelly95! It stinks to read about the experience you're having trying to log in to MyT-Mobile. How long ago did you make the switch? It usually takes around three business days after your number is active for an online account to be created -- were you able to set one up, or are you still having trouble?


              • magenta5072013

                Re: Cannot Access My TMobile



                And thank you for your reply!!  I really appreciate you reaching out.


                I did indeed wait three days. But even after three days my phone number

                kept showing up as a 'not a t-mobile number'.  After my first phone call to

                support (after the three days) the agent reported to me that they were

                going to open a service request. They could see that there was a problem in

                the t-mobile system, but they couldn't fix it.


                I called back a week later and I was told by the agent, that a ticket was

                never opened.


                That agent then opened a ticket (or so I was told), because they could see

                same thing. My phone number was working fine on the t-mobile network, but

                in your other systems my phone number showed up as not a t-mobile number.

                That agent told me that they opened a service/trouble ticket to have this



                I again, called back about a week later and spoke with an agent. This agent

                also saw that my phone number was working fine on the t-mobile network but

                was broken in some of your other systems. That agent also told me that the

                previous agent did not open either! This agent said that they would open a

                ticket. This time I believe that the agent did actually open a ticket

                (based on your follow up email this morning).


                I waited a few more days and checked, but my phone number was still showing

                up as not a t-mobile. At this point I was totally frustrated. So, what I

                ended up doing was to grab a straight talk sim while I was at Walmart and

                switched my carrier. I did this just a couple of days ago.


                I like t-mobile and would like your pricing and would like to come back


                I don't know if you can see why, in your systems why my phone number was


                If it could be fixed then I would be happy to grab a new t-mobile sim card

                and give t-mobile another try!


                But I think for the time being, you can just close this request.


                Thank you!

                Craig Gutshall

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Re: Cannot Access My TMobile

                    Whoa, that's so strange! I'm not sure what the hang-up was either, and I'm sorry that we weren't able to solve it before you switched. But thanks for coming back to let us know!

                    • dc5fan

                      Re: Cannot Access My TMobile

                      Don't feel alone as I am having the same problem. Over a week ago I had access to the app. Then all I got was "Cannot connect". Yesterday morning I was finally able to get access to the app. A couple of hours later could not get in. Regarding your number not being recognised I can't help with that.There should be something to at least the app knows your number. In my case I am only 7 miles north of a corporate T-Mobile store so if I have a question regarding my account I can go there or call. This isn't much help.