After about 15 years, we are leaving Tmobile


    I have been a customer of T-mobile since I can remember. It has been literally my only wireless carrier my entire adult life. But I am canceling our plan now and never paying another dollar to T-mobile ever.


    My monthly bill has 8 lines and is over $400 per month. I have NEVER disputed a charge in 15 years.


    Last month, my son's phone was stolen and someone made over $700 in long distance calls to Australia. Immediately upon finding out about these calls, we contacted Tmobile and put a suspension on the line. They assured us when the bill came out we would be able to dispute the charges.


    Well, now they refuse to remove those charges.


    I have spent not less than 5 hours over the past 2-3 weeks talking to customer service representatives and explaining the situation over and over and over. Yet they are refusing to help at all.


    So, you can chase me for $700 for the rest of my life, I'm not paying it. And I am sharing with everyone I possibly can, this horrible experience.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: After about 15 years, we are leaving Tmobile

        Yikes that's just horrible and I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. Was the phone reported stolen when you first noticed it? We can usually keep any kind of usage from happening if it's reported quickly. With this being an account concern, we'd need to have you work with our T-Force team. You can reach them using the Facebook or Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us page. They may be able to give you more help. We'd hate to lose you so I encourage that you reach out to them before you make your decision.

        • qktreasures

          Re: After about 15 years, we are leaving Tmobile

          I'm really sorry that this has happened to you. I would suggest you try contacting tmo t-force via Facebook or Twitter?


          If that doesn't get you anywhere i would suggest you email the ceo john legere so that someone from the executive resoultion team can reach out to you regarding this issue. I do feel your pain & if this happened to me i would probably be just as upset plus sick to my stomach.


          If i can help with anything else please let me know. Thank you very much & have a wonderful day!! ☺   


          All the best,