Do I still eligible for Corp Discounts if I change to TMO?


    I am currently with T Mobile Simple 6 GB plan, but I would like to change to the TMO with unlimited data.  I have a corporate discount of 15% off the bill and was wondering if I might lose the discount after switching to TMO.  Please advise.  Thank you. 

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, tammy1437! T-Mobile ONE™ for Phones isn't eligible for corporate discounts, so that's a good question to ask before you make plan changes! I'd definitely recommend reaching out to an internal team for assistance so that we can take a look at your current rate including the discount and the taxes you're paying and compare it to T-Mobile ONE; though! This wouldn't be the case for every one, but speaking from experience, I was able to switch my family from Simple Choice to T-Mobile ONE and actually break even because of the included taxes and the AutoPay discount -- maybe the price change won't be as crazy as you think!