T-Mobile Employee Scammed Me


    T-Mobile store employee begged me to not update my plan to remove two lines that weren't being used for 4 days because it would make the store look bad. He made it very clear to me that I wouldn't be charged the old bill if I waited the 4 days, This was a complete lie and on top of it all he didn't even update our plan. My grandmother is the primary account and she has called multiple times herself to have the plan changed, they've even told her the new rate/etc and after a month  the plan is still the original with no changes.


    How do I fix this so I'm not billed at a rate over $100 promised for this month? Also, can I file a complaint against the store that I feel has scammed me.


    Edit: The original plan was unlimited data 4 lines and it was supposed to be switched to two lines plus the over 55 senior discount.

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