Galaxy S8 Active Bootloader update?


    When will T-Mobile release a full update for the S8 Active that includes a Bootloader version 2 or higher?


    I ported my service from AT&T to T-Mobile to use the veterans discount AND GET BETTER SIGNAL AT HOME (full 5 bars vs 1 with ATT).

    However I cannot flash T-Mobile's current firmware onto my device as it is using Bootloader 2 and TMO's BL is v1 - can go fwd but not backwards due to Samsung eFuse as part of Knox Security.


    I'm dying to remove ATT Bloatware and get my device recognized as a T-Mobile device so I can use things like WiFi Calling which won't work with AT&T Firmware.  I did this for 2 friend's Galaxy S7's so they now show up as model SM-G930T instead of SM-G930A's and work SO MUCH BETTER on the T-Mobile network...


    Any inside info on when next Baseband FW will be released using Bootloader version 2 or higher??






    P.S. my first post so was unsure what "place" to post it in...or even what places there ARE on here

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      • eplerd

        Re: Galaxy S8 Active Bootloader update?

        Hmmm, crickets....guess no T-mobile people that can comment have read this



        This sucks because I cannot use WiFi at home if I want to receive voice calls - once WiFi is turned on WiFi calling TRIES to enable, and fails.
        Anyone calling goes to Voicemail without me ever seeing it ring......impatiently waiting for either Tmobile to update firmware to one with bootloader version 2 or for me to pay off this phone so I can buy another  
        while I love the S8 Active I now wish I'd have gotten an S7 as I was able to get firmware for a pair of S7's and flash them from ATT models (SM-G930A) to T-Mobile models with Tmobile factory apps (G930T) and friends say they work AWESOME now - no such love for the Galaxy S8 Active

        • tmo_lauren

          Re: Galaxy S8 Active Bootloader update?

          Hey Dave!


          Great questions, but unfortunately not the best news for you. As an alternate carrier, we don't develop any bootloaders, firmware changes, or any updates directly. I didn't see a very active root community for the S8 active, but I also didn't do a huge search since we don't technically support root. That said, that's probably the only real option, but as mentioned, we don't officially support that as a carrier.


          I wish I could offer you a better solution.



            • eplerd

              Re: Galaxy S8 Active Bootloader update?

              I'm not looking to ROOT the phone, just load T-Mobile firmware onto it so it looks just like a T-mobile purchased phone.

              I did this with a couple S7's with no issue but the bootloader was at the SAME version unlike mine


              OH well I guess I just deal with using EITHER WiFi OR cellular but not being able to take calls with WiFi on until such time as TMO releases newer version and it's got BL 2 and gets posted on xda-developers forums ...not the best solution but at least I have FIVE BARS of signal at home unlike those OTHER guys who only gave me 1 at best....


              Thanks Again