Cannot see plan and balance on my t-mobile website




    i cannot see anything after logging into my t-mobile website.

    Ive tried to clear cache or use another browsers on other computer/devices, nothing seems to work.

    Also I got $0 balance in #999# even my credit card was charged(I think that is wrong message)

    could you please help me check this? Thanks.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4960482! Sorry for the delay in our response here!
        Unfortunately, I don't think you're the only Community member currently experiencing this issue. We had a post earlier last week about something similar -- the OP was able to see the header and footer of the MyT-Mobile site, but nothing in the center. Does that seem like a good description of what you're experiencing?
        We have a current known issue where some folks may see an error message that says "No data available" when trying to view their billing info only. But if your situation is more like the description above than the error message regarding billing info, please Contact Us and report this to a team with account access so that we can get a ticket filed ASAP! Thank you!