Unlock Prepaid G4? Requirements met, purchased over 1yr ago but registered few months later.


    Hello Everyone,

    I purchased a new T-mobile LG G4 in early May 2017 from a third party.  I also tested its SIM functionality with my prepaid SIM card but put the SIM card back in my old phone for some more time.

    So the device has been active on the T-mobile network for more than a year. 

    I've been out of country for most of the time since, still using my old LG G3, since it's unlocked.  For some reason my new LG G4 is the only registered phone on my account.  Not since last May though, but a couple of months later or so.  And my old LG G3 does not even show up anymore and I have no idea as to how and why T-mobile handles this the way I've been observing it.


    I called and talked to a representative a couple of months ago, trying to get a temporary unlock. But that's not possible over WiFi and I am out of country.  So now it's time for the permanent unlock and I do meet all the requirements according to

    SIM Unlock Policy | Unlock Your Mobile Wireless Device | T-Mobile

    with the exception of proof of purchase.


    So here's the big question:


    Where do I send the receipt of my LG G4 to prove the purchase has been over 1 yr ago ?




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      • tmo_lauren

        I would go ahead and directly contact a representative and have them start the unlock process for you! We may still have the IMEI in the database and able to be unlocked.



          • tmo_lauren

            Just wanted to check in again to see if you reached out to a rep!



              • magenta4959402

                Thanks Lauren!


                Yes, I did talk to a rep.  And I don't know where to start....


                So, as I stated above, I did use my SIM card with the new phone (G4) after I bought it.  Then put it back into old phone (G3).  When I talked to a rep earlier this year - around FEB/MARCH - she told me she can see the G4's last activity back in August of 2017. Not sure why not in May 2017 but at least Summer 2017.  And I tested the SIM in the G4, some time before I made that call.

                The rep I talked to this time, told me he can see last activity from February this year.  So, exactly around that time when I tested before making that FEB/MAR call.

                I told him the entire story, that I saw both phones registered on my account at some point, and what the rep said last time.  But he couldn't find anything from August 2017 or any log earlier than FEB 2018.  WHAT???!!!!  He told me something about 2 accounts that I didn't entirely get (and frankly don't care), I think associated with those 2 phones or something like it. One account does this, the other does that, which is why ....blabla....

                Sorry, but I don't believe that this sort of data would be deleted.  All these companies.... telecommunication!!!.... are nothing but data collection facilities nowadays.


                We discussed all options back and forth......he always finished with "I would have to wait for some 260 [whatever the exact number] days..." or the $100 charge option....it was very tiring!


                I am absolutely unhappy with the outcome and feel somewhat deceived.  Why are they telling me they can't see activity from earlier ?? 

                If I talked to another rep I would not know what else to tell him.  And I'm not keen on getting to hear about unlock requirements over and over again.  Already had to spend too much time on this issue. Do I really have to go through FCC and CTIA?


                Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!