PlayOn Application Not Working on T-Mo 4G LTE




    First time poster, so go easy on me


    I'm running an application called PlayOn. It lives on a Windows server behind my home firewall and, until the last few months, it's been working great. A mobile app on my iPhone links to the PlayOn server and allows me to stream videos from my home network to my mobile devices equipped with the PlayOn mobile client.


    About 2 months ago I noticed that when I click on a video the app just states ..."Loading" and never actually loads the video. This ONLY happens when I'm connecting via 4G LTE. If I switch to a WiFi network the video loads right up and plays without a hitch, so it's not a firewall or application configuration issue. I haven't changed anything on the server and I've scanned the ports over my ISPs network. They are open. I'm running an iPhone 10 with IOS 11.3. It HAS previously worked on this device.


    Everything seems to point at the T-Mo network as being the culprit. Can anyone suggest anything I can try to further rule this in/out? Any tips or tricks for a workaround?


    Thanks in advance.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, stupidsexyflanders!


        Welcome to our Support Community! Awesome username, by the way! Did a recent update to the app start this or an update to iOS? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? I know you mentioned that it works seamlessly on WiFi and this only happens while on-network but I can't think of anything else to try to get it to work while connected to the network. As a last resort, you can try contacting the app developer to see if they've had any other reports and possibly a different workaround. 

        • stupidsexyflanders



          Thanks for reaching out.


          I cannot time the failure of the application with any specific update, either to IOS or Windows.


          I've reached out to the developers but they have not made me aware of anyone else that is having the issue (at least that they are willing to admit to). It's a pretty popular app and I haven't seen anything on any forums that would indicate the app itself is failing.


          Here's what I can tell you:


          1. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app from the App Store - No success there


          2. I've set the app to run on a specific TCP/IP port. The port is open and forwarded on my firewall and can be seen when the port is scanned externally.


          3. The app that's running on the server is doing most of the heavy lifting i terms of transcoding the video file for streaming and playback, so there's very little latency


          4. I'm looking at my LTE speeds compared to WiFi and the LTE connection should be WAY faster.


          Are any apps filtered or ports that might be blocked anywhere on the T-Mo network? I can think of no other reason why this would work seamlessly over WiFi but not LTE unless something was actively getting in the way.


          Thanks in advance.

          • stupidsexyflanders


            Thanks for following up.


            I forwarded your IPV4 vs V6 question to the PlayOn support folks. That question remains unanswered. They keep focusing on firewall settings (despite the fact that I've pointed out many times it works just fine over WiFi), so whether or not there's a specific port related only to mobile data forwarding (as opposed to WiFi traffic) I'm honestly not sure and can't see why there would be.


            Interestingly, I stood up a Plex server on the same box and that is working flawlessly on my iPhone over 4G. So unless it is an IPV4 issue I think we've now ruled the T-Mo network out of scope for this issue (for the time being anyway).


            I'll let you know if and when I hear more from PlayOn