Annoying Sound


    Since I updated my Note 8 with the latest software update from T-Mobile I keep getting a distressing alert that is similar to ones I get alerting me to local weather warnings?

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      • levans4598

        Re: Annoying Sound

        I'm wondering if anyone else has had that problem?  It only happened after updating it and I am baffled as to why.

          • magenta5478742

            Re: Annoying Sound

            Same here. Started immediately after update to android 8.0.0.

            Any news on the topic?

              • levans4598

                Re: Annoying Sound

                I was told initially to travel to a Samsung services store where they would backdate the software to the older version. It would of been 2 hours of travel so I wasn't inclined to comply with that any time soon.


                Days later I contacted a Samsung rep via chat and they had me do a hard factory reset on my phone which resolved the problem.


                Rep said it probably was an app related problem that surfaced when the new software update was installed on my phone.


                Hope this helps.