Spoofing attacks, robo calls


    Good afternoon magenta!

    i have been receiving an alarming number of calls from spoofing and robo calls to the point I am also going to block all calls expect the people I know and contacts list. I know the FCC is working to help reduce this however I was hopi T-Mobile can be part of this help to make sure we don’t get unwanted calls. In an average day I receive about 6 calls a day from these robo to spoofing I pick up say hello they don’t answer I speak 6 different  languages hellos to see if any of them answer, however it always seems it’s no luck. Please T-Mobile help us or at least make an app to better the calls to at least 50% less calls.

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      • dc5fan

        Re: Spoofing attacks, robo calls

        I know exactly what you're going through. If I don't recognise a number I slide the button that is marked REJECT. Your phone may be different. than mine. Then I promptly BLOCK the number. On my landline I am getting these calls that show the first 3 digits of the town I live in, but the ID shows the town, and not the caller's name. I bet I have over 30 numbers in my REJECT LIST. Hope that may help.

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          • allenenriquez1985

            Re: Spoofing attacks, robo calls

            yep I think I am going to start to index my or reject my calls it’s too many. Sometimes i thinks it’s an class settlement i sign for or a long lost friend. Thanks for the ideas it’s mind frustrating. I think I have about the same amount as you for blocking. By the time these calls red I think I’ll end up blocking ever number  available in my local area.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: Spoofing attacks, robo calls

            I 100% feel you!



            I recently enabled Scam Block (which is free) and it has cut them down quite a bit in addition to going through and blocking the numbers individually on my phone. Depending on the phone, it is pretty easy. In the iPhone you just click on the little info icon and select block this caller.

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