Wifi calling will not work


    This is my absolute last effort to get help before I am forced to change to a new phone company.


    I moved across the country, about 11 months ago.
    Back in my home state, I used wifi calling every day from my house or anywhere I would connect to wifi, with no problems.
    I come to this state, and am unable to make wifi calls from our property in the mountains.


    Everything else works, texting, imessage, facetime, internet, apps, no problems at all.
    Everyone else that comes to the property, has no issue making wifi calls.


    I now moved to another property, on another side of the same state,
    New internet plan, still the same exact issue.


    I then switched from android, to a brand new iphone.
    Same exact issues.


    I have been in different t-mobile stores, about 5 or 6 times now, asking different employees and having them help me


    While I am in the store, the wifi calling works.
    As soon as I go to an area that has no phone service, and connect to wifi... the calling will not work.

    For me to make ANY phone calls, I Have to make a 15 minute drive into town.
    Other people at my property, also using t-mobile, have no issues making calls


    It got to the point where I had to purchase a brand new phone and a pre-paid plan WITH T-MOBILE just so I can make important phone calls while at my house (absolutely ABSURD that I have had to waste over 300$ to make phone calls that should be working on my plan)


    it honestly feels like t-mobile is purposely rigging my phone to waste data at all times instead of using wifi for calling.




    every time I go in store, all the employee's try to make it seem like it's a problem with my phones settings.
    they do every possible thing they can, and yet each and every time, it still does not work.


    How could it possibly be a problem with my phone, if I bought a NEW PHONE?


    I don't know what to do anymore, it's extremely aggravating that it has been literally almost a year and I haven't been able to get any help


    this is my last ditch effort before I switch carriers.


    thank you for your time.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Wifi calling will not work



        You've done a lot already and I'm really sad to hear you're having such a hard time with this. I have a few questions about this that'll help guide us in the right direction to get this fixed. First off, have you changed routers since you've moved to the new property? I know some routers have different channels you can connect to. Does yours have this option and if so, have you tested other channels to see if Wi-Fi calling works? Also, do you have strong signal when you're connected to Wi-fi and can you tell us what errors you get (if any) when you try to call? I do hope you'll give us another shot at fixing this. Thank you for posting.

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: Wifi calling will not work

            Just wanting to check in on the suggestions and questions Mike had!



            • patsiick

              Re: Wifi calling will not work

              the wifi signal is very good,
              i'm not sure about wifi channels but everyone else's phones work including the prepaid one I bought from t-mobile to make phone calls with.
              It won't work on two different routers, both of them are in the mountains where there is no service


              everything works 100%, including facetime, text messages, and private apps used to make phone calls.
              but every time I try to make a call, it just says calling and won't reach the dial tone.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Wifi calling will not work

                  Hmm, this is making me think there is something going on with that specific device's settings or software. Are you dialing numbers manually or calling from the phone book? What's the make and model of this phone?


                  When I mention router channels, I'm talking about the frequencies. For example, when I scan for my personal Wi-Fi router, it'll show the router's name twice. One with a "2.4GHz" in it and the other with a "5GHz" in it. I can connect to either of those frequencies, so I was curious if you had the same options on your router.

                    • patsiick

                      Re: Wifi calling will not work

                      it's an iphone 7+,
                      I was using a samsung galaxy before I got this iphone, and it wasn't working either.
                      it worked back in my home state with no problem, but now that i'm in an area that has no service it will not work.


                      there's only one frequency to connect to my wifi, and everything works on it other than regular calls.
                      i've tried from my phone book, and dialing the numbers

                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: Wifi calling will not work

                          This is super strange, patsiick! Is this a T-Mobile iPhone, and did you purchase it new or secondhand? I know that when you bring a non-TMO iPhone to T-Mobile, there's a Carrier Update it should get that would enable WiFi calling. It's strange to read that everything is working but WiFi calling, so I'm wondering if there was an issue with that carrier update that's causing the problem.
                          When you're bringing the iPhone into the store, do you know exactly what troubleshooting is being attempted? Are the retail representatives able to get the iPhone to connect to WiFi in the store?

                            • patsiick

                              Re: Wifi calling will not work

                              the iphone was bought brand new from a t mobile store last summer.
                              Like I said, it wasn't working on my android phone either BEFORE I bought the iphone.
                              I know everyone is leaning toward it's something wrong with my phone, but how can that be possible if it doesn't work on TWO PHONES? that doesn't make any sense. It can not possibly be something wrong with one of the phones settings, that is causing both phones not to work.


                              yes, we got wifi to connect in the store.
                              have tried turning all cellular data off, changing the setting that makes the signal bounce between data and wifi, and always have my phone software up to date.


                              the wifi calling does work in the store, but the second I go to an area in the mountains that has no cellular data, but 100% wifi, the wifi calling does not work.


                              wifi calling ONLY works when I'm in a place that has cellular data without wifi.


                              again, everything works ECCEPT for calls, including facetime etc.




                              thank you everyone for your time and trying to help, but im pretty sure nobody is going to ever get this fixed for me at this point.

                                • tmo_marissa

                                  Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                  I hear you. I know it probably seems super weird that we're focusing on the iPhone, but since that's your existing phone, it's easiest to just start troubleshooting there, especially when you're not experiencing any error messages -- those are usually the best clue for where to start with Wi-Fi calling and browsing troubleshooting .
                                  When you were troubleshooting with your original android phone, did you ever have the chance to test that one in the store? Wondering if the experience was the same with your iPhone. Since the iPhone is able to connect to the store WiFi, that does seem to indicate an issue with the WiFi connection at home, at least as far as WiFi calling is concerned. Have we ever had the chance to talk to you about your WiFi connection itself and check to make sure it meets the requirements needed for WiFi calling?

                                  • At least an 802.11n router, dual-band is recommended for best experience.
                                    • Requires a minimum of 2 Mbps for upload and download speeds.
                                    • Satellite internet and cell phone hotspot are not supported.
                                      • patsiick

                                        Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                        So as of now my phone service has been shut off, so I can not make calls with my data.


                                        i went back to the store, we connected to the WiFi, and now, it will not work with WiFi calls.


                                        what that tells me, is that even though I disable my data usage and set only WiFi calls on, that my phone service completely ignores that fact and uses my data anyway. I feel like I‘ve getting scammed for the past 10 years


                                        in the past when I went in the store and took the same steps, the WiFi calling would work, and they would look at me like I’m an idiot. But the second I go to an area that has no cellular service, and connect to an extremely high signal fast WiFi, it will not work

                          • tmo_chris

                            Re: Wifi calling will not work

                            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help with this.

                            • magenta5374576

                              Re: Wifi calling will not work

                              We're having the same issue.  Strong WiFi signal and almost non-existent cellular signal. Yet, the iP{hone 8 Plus always tries to use the cellular network.  Frequently with call failed and No Service results.


                              Why wouldn't it use use the WiFi is not clear.  Is it carrier settings pushed by T Mobile or the IOS, I don't know.  I do know that I cannot use this phone at my house.


                              I would hate to go back to Verizon, but if I cannot make/receive calls at home, this is unacceptable.

                              • jwin615

                                Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                I had a similar issue, more so with coverage.

                                I put a small($10-15) deposit down and Tmo sent me a box that connects to my network(via cat5) and runs a 4g signal over the network. Basically a backwards hot spot.


                                Just putting it out there.

                                • magenta5374576

                                  Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                  I know.  We have received an LTE CellSpot few days ago.  It is not working and T-Mobile is trying to figure out why.  It's been 3 days now.


                                  If iPhone built in WiFi calling capability worked on T-Mobile, we would not need anything else.


                                  In addition, the CellSpot generates RF radiation in my home.  I'm assuming that the power is low, but unclear how it compares to the WiFi.


                                  In addition, the cell spot can be used by any T-Mobile phone, riding over my network.  So other users will be using my Internet bandwidth.  It is also quastionable how secure this device is.  For these reasons, it is not a proffered option for me.  Even if it worked.

                                  • commorancy

                                    Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                    I recently experienced this same issue on iOS 12. The Wi-Fi banner simply would not appear in the status bar.


                                    I tried many different troubleshooting efforts including:


                                    • Calling T-Mobile
                                    • Calling Apple
                                    • Suggested by both T-Mobile and Apple to perform 'Reset Network Settings' and performed this.
                                    • Rebooting the device
                                    • Hard rebooting the device
                                    • Disabling and enabling Wi-Fi Calling
                                    • Changing Wi-Fi networks
                                    • Restarting my router
                                    • Restarting my cable modem
                                    • Restarting my Apple Airport
                                    • I even went so far as to create a sysdiagnose to dig through the logs there


                                    None of these troubleshooting efforts yielded any change or clue.


                                    Then, one thing I remembered about iOS network glitches is that setting Airplane Mode on and then off again can sometimes resolve the problem. After switching on and off Airplane Mode (giving about 30 seconds between on then off), the T-Mobile Wi-Fi almost immediately showed up in the status bar!


                                    I don't know why this works, but Airplane Mode sometimes fixes random networking glitches like this. Setting Airplane Mode on and off is always worth a shot. It's probably the easiest and fastest troubleshooting to try (unless you're on a phone call). If none of the above works, then the next step might be to backup, wipe and restore the phone fresh.


                                    Hopefully the Airplane Mode fix works for you.

                                    • tadler@rsginc.com

                                      Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                      We've had exactly the same problem with wifi calling since early summer -- two different phones (Moto g5 plus, Moto g6) with wifi calling enabled, two newish 802.11ac routers in locations with poor cell signal but strong, fast wifi. None of the suggested "fixes" have worked for us -- phones will only try to connect to cell which mostly means no service. We've resorted to a cellspot at our home but this obviously doesn't work when we visit other places with wifi but similarly poor cell coverage (which is most places in rural northern New England).

                                      • funkygh

                                        Re: Wifi calling will not work

                                        Samsung S9+, Non-T-Mobile version (unlocked American warranty version, bought directly from Samsung); AND iMoan 7 (a real P.O.S.)

                                        REG90 error when trying to use wifi calling.

                                        Firstly, I switched to T-Mobile from another carrier even though they have the weakest service of any of the major carriers in my area (and most places as far as I can tell). I switched because they are the only major carrier which allows wifi calling with an Android device that isn't "branded" to them, and I buy my phones reconditioned on the cheap, not retail from phone companies.

                                        Evidently Apple has enough clout to get the companies to allow wifi calling on any of their devices :-/ so this is specifically an Android issue in my case.

                                        The first couple of days it worked, then I went to Europe for 7 weeks, during which I had all kinds of roaming shenanigans - having to call tech support and tweak settings a number of times.

                                        When I got back to NYC, the wifi calling would not work. I reset the phone, I updated all the software, I tried different internet routers, I called t-mo about 10 times whining about it, I scoured forums, nothing worked. I did read on a forum that it was worth a try to simply get a new SIM card. I think I mentioned this to a t-mo rep during one of my many whining sessions. Magically a new one showed up Fedex, even though I hadn't specifically asked. (One thing T-mo is good at is sending you whatever they think will make you stop complaining, as proven by this SIM card and one of those signal extender boxes which arrived Fedex today out of the blue).

                                        Yesterday while on the phone with T-mo I mentioned the extra SIM and the fact that I read about trying it as a fix for the NO WIFI calling issue. We tried it and it WORKED! AMAZEBALLS! Now it's bulletproof and I can even make calls in my basement.

                                        Many of the problems I'm reading in this thread have to do with the wifi calling going wonky after a move or travel - I think that they get stunned when you roam or whatever. So just ask t-mo to send you a new sim and give it a try!!!


                                        Lastly, the dreaded iMoan has always worked - no problems there. Probably the only thing that's better about it.