Why is the T-Mobile app using my memory and hiding in the background?


    Long time T-Mobile customer. Recently tried to delete the unused app on my phone, including the T-Mobile app. I learned from Tech Support (at 611) that I am supposed to be able to delete this 3rd party app, but after hours and hours of tech support and research online I have been unable to. I have uninstalled the updates to the app (over a dozen times) and finally found someplace in the phone to keep the app from overwriting permissions. Now it won't use my background data, or update itself like a bad robot. However, it used my storage for some reason, no matter how many times I clear the cache, and it is constantly in the background running, using memory and who knows what data it's collecting and sending off to whom.


    Why does this app run in the background? What is the purpose of having this app in the first place? What data is Tmobile tracking about me? How do I stop it aside from rooting the phone or leaving Tmobile?

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