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    Good Morning from Italy,

    next June I'll sped part of my Honeymoon to Hawaii Islands (Oahu and Maui), and I would purchase

    (to be delivered at the hotel in Honolulu) a prepaid tourist plan. Some questions:

    - I have an old T-mobile SIM card (I lived in Ohio 6 months in 2014), may I use that or is better to purchase another one (should also be for free, right)?

    - How many days in advance do I have to buy online the Plan? The activation starts when I put the sim into the mobile phone?

    any other suggestion would be much appreciated



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Tourist Plan

        Really good questions and we appreciate you posting. The old SIM card won't be usable so you'll need to get a new one when you opt for service. Keep in mind the service won't be active after you put the SIM into the phone. You'll want to contact our Care team in order to activate the SIM before you use it.

          • sharoncyswong

            Re: Tourist Plan

            Hi Mike i have a few quesions about this plan and tried to ask in another post bout this plan..but no reply. I am travlling to USA in mid oct 1) Can you kindly explain to me what is the difference between 30 for a plan / 30 for activation kit? If I purchase only the Sim, it does not come with the plan? 2) I will start my trip off in LA, so I have the option of buying in store or mailing it to my accommodation. But Id like to make sure I am purchasing the correct product. 3) You do not need a USA credit card to purchase right? 4) Is the activation upon inserting the SIM card inthe phone, or upon purchase date? Thanks for your help! Sharon