I may be in the, "Pit of 4G Despair" aka Las Vegas.


    Electrical engineering geniuses, this one's for you! I opened a studio in Vegas a few years ago right by Fremont Street and the old strip. At first I had Cox internet and I used wifi with my t-mobile Samsung S7 when I was in Vegas. But since being there once in a while wasn't worth $100/mo for internet, I canceled it last year. Since that moment when I cut the cord, I noticed how crappy my 4G lte is in Vegas. I know there is a long history of cell providers promising updated towers, but I am having doubts as to what is really going on. I test Ookla speed regularly, day and night, and average around 2 mbps download, and .02 upload. So my question is, should I really believe that my closest tower has been under enhancements for 7 months as support tells me, or is something else happening? I may be a physics dunce, but is it possible that the fixed wireless microwave internet station WISP,  just about 1/4 mile away from me could be causing intermodulation disruption? I can't find information about exactly what frequencies they use, nor will they tell me for some reason, but they have an RF wifi net and apparently a wide microwave spectrum for many p2p networks around me which can be up to 1Gig speeds, and many of them push free wifi on to the strip itself. As far as I know there isn't any CMDA involved. Can so much heavy microwave presence possibly cause intermodulation with t-mobile 4g lte right in the middle of it? Since microwave is so line-of-sight, doesn't that mean it's real bouncy, with all these tall casinos around here, doesn't that bounce cause slight node variations that could cause disruption in other frequencies not attributed to that particular WISP? I may be dumber than a box of hair when it comes to all this so maybe one of you geniuses can break it on down for me!

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