Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi


    I've been having some trouble with sending and receiving MMS while on a WiFi connection (so almost all the time) since I have stated using my T-Mobile sim on my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone from Sprint. Everything else seems to work fine e.g. calls, SMS, LTE, but when it comes to MMS it's a complete stalemate. I've tinkered my APN settings in almost every permutation I found online, and I don't have an option for Wi-Fi Calling so there's nothing I can seem to do on that front. A solution to this problem, so I can start receiving MMS again, would be great.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

        Hmm, that's pretty odd but let's see what we can do to help. If you're connected to the T-Mobile network, does MMS work? Are you getting any error messages or does it just get stuck on "downloading." You'll wanna test with other senders as well as different message to see if there's a trend.

          • magenta4936749

            Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

            Yes, it works on the T-Mobile network if Wi-Fi is turned off. It usually tries to download for several minutes (or tries to send for several minutes) before giving an error that it could not finish downloading or sending. As for the content of the conversation, it does not seem to matter if its a picture or a group MMS, I am unable to receive it or send it. This is true for the default messaging app--I switched to GoSMS to test and it seems to be sending MMS on Wi-Fi. Which I guess kind of helps but I really wish I could send it on my regular app...

          • shelbyfan

            Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

            This is a long term well known problem with T-Mobile. Your best bet is to download another text app, Textra is a great one, and use that. Textra has a toggle that turns off WiFi on the phone when sending MMS. It is specifically called the T-Mobile WiFi fix.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

              Hi magenta4936749 .


              Have you been able to test the data to see if that works on Wi-Fi? I have heard of other folks testing an alternate app and being able to get MMS to work. If you have tried another app as suggested above, please let us know if it works with your MMS. Thanks.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                I just wanted to make sure you could use the data from your Wi-Fi connection. Since alternate apps are working, sounds like using data from your Wi-Fi isn't an issue. Have you tried the phone in Safe mode to see if MMS works? We're really coming down to the wire for steps we can take on your phone. Wiping the cache is my next suggestion but a complete reset would be the last option you could try on the phone.

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                  Any luck with the safe mode option?

                  • eplerd

                    Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                    The other option is find a VERY tech savvy person to put T-mobile firmware on your Galaxy S7.


                    My friends ported their unlocked S7's from AT&T over to Tmobile and had the same issues intermittently.

                    so I downloaded firmware G930TUVS4BRC1 off of a developer's forum ( Android Forum for Mobile Phones, Tablets, Watches & Android App Development - XDA Forums  )and used the Samsung tool "odin" to write it to the phone.


                    This totally erases the phone (best way) but you can back it up first using Samsung Smartswitch software then restore it afterwards.  You'll need to re-login to apps that save login and redo some settings but it's worth it.


                    Now their phone boots up with T-mobile logo not AT&T and looks just like a G930T (T-mobile version of Galaxy S7)


                    This is NOT for the inexperienced person as it can cause issues if done wrong but they now have ZERO issues....and didn't have to go out and buy new phones at great expense!


                    To moderators: if this sort of post isn't allowed let me know and delete it, but this DOES work and it's not that hard to do!


                    Dave in Tampa

                      • magenta4936749

                        Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                        Wouldn't that require for me to root my phone anyway?

                          • eplerd

                            Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                            This doesn't need Root, just a version of the Samsung tool (Odin) that is modified to ignore the model checks (flashing G935T software onto G935A phone)

                            Since you mentioned root - I presume you are somewhat tech-savvy yourself?


                            Hopefully T-mobile moderators don't mind the links to firmware (I don't have time to read all the "terms and conditions")...


                            Anyway, it was kinda scary for me as friends couldn't afford to buy new phones (never done before) , but someone I work with told me if it didn't work Best Buy has a samsung rep who would reload the Stock AT&T software on it so you only lose time trying it and can then restore your files/apps after...


                            This doesn't trip the Knox security bit, nor does it cause e-Fuse issues, you just need to hope there is Tmobile software out there at same bootloader (BL) version as you are running now -- I can't do this to my S8 Active as TMO is BL v1, and ATT is BL v2 ...I have to wait until TMO updates to BL v2.


                            The latest firmware on TMO is G935TUVS4BRC1 so you'd need to locate that from a reputable source

                            (DISCLAIMER - I CANNOT GUARANTEE sources of firmware - USE AT OWN RISK)


                            I did a quick look and found the latest firmware on this thread:




                            Patched ODIN loader is on this thread

                            Patched Odin 3.13.1 | Android Development and Hacking



                            Anyway, if you wanna try yourself there are other things to research:


                            Put phone in developer mode and enable USB debugging (they say it helps)

                            Use Smartswitch to back up data (move private files to a folder before backing up - flash will erase phone)

                            Put phone in recovery mode and do factory reset, then reboot, then do clear cache partition

                            Put phone in download mode and connect to USB Port (do NOT use USB3 ports - they can cause issues for some odd reason)

                            Open Modded Odin, put files in each of the 4 boxes labeled (BL, AP, CP, CSC)

                            Click <START> and pray LOL


                            Watch screen, in about 5 min or so it should finish - but be patient


                            AGAIN - THIS IS ALL AT YOUR OWN RISK - Tmobile won't support you if ya mess it up and I 'm not liable as I barely know how to do it myself (But it wasn't that bad - but I'm an IT guy by trade)


                            do lots of research if doing yourself -


                            GOOD LUCK

                            • tmo_amanda

                              Re: Can't send/receive MMS on Wi-Fi

                              Hey, magenta4936749!


                              I did some digging and was able to find that there is a known issue with Galaxy S7 Edge models that have an issue when handing off WiFi to the data network when trying to send MMS'. My recommendation would be to talk with Tech Support via 611 or T-Force (Facebook/Twitter) to get a ticket filed with our Engineers. By chance, have you already done this? If not, give that a shot and keep us updated on the outcome of the ticket.