T-Mobile has provided me with false offers




    This is Swapnil. I have created an account in January 2018 under Tmobile One plan. I was informed that i will be receiving KickBack discount if any of my lines use less than 2GB of Data in a month. But i never received this discount even though lines in my account had less than 2GB of usage.


    I inquired about the same on March and the customer representative has informed that he will be reactivating the discount on my account but nothing changed.


    Today I called Customer Service again to find the reason behind not having KickBack on my account and was informed that Kickback has been retired from April 13th 2018 to new lines and I cannot have my discounts. Customer service agent does not understand what a new account means what an old account is. She just continues to say that I cannot have the kickback even though im an old account holder and offers me a month of kick back(which i will never accept until i get my complete discount from the day of creation of my account.


    I need an explanation about this and need to get my discounts as promised.


    Or please provide me Legal Team details to whom i can file a complaint.

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