No visual voicemail notifications


    Just switched from ATT to T-Mobile.  Two new iphone 8+ (unlocked phones) purchased from the Apple Store and 2 lines on my OnePlus plan. 

    BOTH phones do not get visual voicemail notifications or show any indication a VM is received on the VM/phone app.  Our temporary work-around is to get VM sent to us as texts.


    Trouble tickets (3) have been generated over two weeks since I started with T-Mobile but so far no resolution...and no explanations.


    If someone from T-Mobile engineering support is viewing please help.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: No visual voicemail notifications

        I am so sorry to hear you are having so many issues with your visual voicemail. With as many times as you have spoken with us I would assume that we checked to ensure that visual voicemail is properly provisioned on your account. How long ago was the last ticket filed, have you heard anything back on it yet?

          • turtle1000

            Re: No visual voicemail notifications

            The issue is not resolved.  The last ticket was opened Thursday May 10th.   I was told that Voicemail was provisioned correctly.   The last person I spoke to at t-mobile says my unlocked iPhone 8 is not compatible with T-Mobile network.   This sounds ridiculous to me but based on this I would advise anyone with an unlocked phone to completely avoid T-Mobile.   However I have not given up yet as there must be many people with unlocked phones who do not have this problem.  As a last resort I contacted Apple directly.  There may be a known issue where Siri somehow conflicts with visual voicemail.  I was asked to re-enable Siri and interestingly I now for the first time see the list of voicemails (on one of my lines) although I still don’t get a notification of new voicemail.   On my second phone line the Siri trick did not work: the only difference between the two lines is the first one (where I can now see the list of voicemails) has had the SIM card replaced as part of T-Mobile’s troubleshooting.   As you can see this is painful and time consuming to describe and troubleshoot. It would be much better to speak directly with a senior level engineer.


            Sent from my iPhone (which does not get voicemail notifications).

          • tmo_chris

            Re: No visual voicemail notifications

            Any luck with resetting your network settings?