Mot Z Force 3.5mm adapter


    New T-Mob customer with new Motor Z Force. My headset (with mic) isn't working with the provided 3.5mm adapter.



    Do I need to now spring for a Bluetooth headset or is there an adapter that'll accommodate a 4 connector 3.5mm male?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Mot Z Force 3.5mm adapter

        Hmm, that's definitely no good. Have you tested another wired headset? If it came with one, you shouldn't need an additional adapter. As long as there's no damage near the jack and headset fits snug, you shouldn't need any additional hardware.

          • magenta4939390

            Re: Mot Z Force 3.5mm adapter

            Again this is NOT just ear buds but a "headset with microphone" (a four

            conductor 3.5mm plug with 3 insulator stripes.


            Immediately after opening ur email I again tried a 3 of my headsets and (go

            figure) all 3 are now working.


            I may just go ahead and spring for a bluetooth headset to avoid having to

            always have the adapter handy.  Did just buy via AMAZON 5 USB Type C

            Adapter USB-C Male to Micro USB Female Convert Connectors since I have,

            probably, 25 Micro USB cables. One in the car, one in my backpack, one in

            my "travel" bag, one in my golf cart, and one at my charging station.  Five

            for six bucks, can't beat that. Missed, completely, the fact that my new

            phone didn't have a 3.2 jack.  Will work around that.


            Thanks for the response.  Have a great weekend.



              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Mot Z Force 3.5mm adapter

                Oh wow. Go figure is totally right. Glad it's working for you buddy. Thanks for coming back to let us know. Wow that's a lot of cables! You seem to be someone that's well prepared which is awesome! Hope you find a Bluetooth that works out for you.

            • magenta4939390

              Re: Mot Z Force 3.5mm adapter

              Thank you to all.  I found and fixed the problem.