Account Page Blank


    When logging into my account I am unable to see any of my account information.

    I've tried loading the page on a few different machine's and browsers but no luck.

    Also, when I try to use the mobile app I recieve a message stating

    "Sorry, we're not ready or you yet

    We're working on improving your app experience . In the meantime, My can help you out."


    I just signed up for the account saturday (5/12/18), so I thought that maybe that had something to do with the issue.

    Also, when trying to check my balance or usage through self service short codes I recieve an error that,

    "Due ti scheduled maintenance your balance is not available at this time. Please try again in about five hours"

    I've tried this for the past few days but no luck, I keep getting the same message.


    Has anyone else had an issue similar to this?


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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Account Page Blank

        Hey, tjlittle, and welcome! I know it can take a few days for a MyTMo account to be created after you start service -- how are things going for you now? You mentioned that you'd tested multiple browsers and devices -- are you still having trouble loading your account page?

          • tjlittle

            Re: Account Page Blank

            Still the same issue today unfortunately.

            Is it possible to open a ticket online or through the phone to take a look at my account?

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Account Page Blank

                Absolutely -- either/or, and that's definitely the next step.
                While we don't have a secure platform to verify your account and get a ticket filed from here, our Care team over the phone can do so, or you can contact T-Force on social media (via DM on Twitter or Message on Facebook). This is outside of the typical timeline for an online account to complete -- what a crummy welcome! I promise we're more excited to have you as a customer than this makes it seem!
                Once you reach out through either of those channels, we'll get a ticket filed so IT can take a look at this on the back end and sort it out. Thank you for coming back to let us know!

            • magenta5259706

              Re: Account Page Blank

              I've had the same issue for the account i open June 11. Have reset my pin, changed the email (it was being used by a different pay-as-you go account) have spoke to T-mo online help on 6-12 and visited a store for help 6-17 (which was no help). Their response was also maintenance. Must be standard training response from Tmo.


              Still no resolution to the blank information on my account. Sure would like to elevate this in the Tech support team. I keep getting an answer there is maintenance. For a week, I think not!

              • nguyene20

                Re: Account Page Blank

                I also have this problem for the past three months and its super annoying how can I get help because whenever i call 611 they just switch me from line to line for forever getting nothing done can i plz get in contact with someone i really need to fix this.

                  • magentatechie

                    Re: Account Page Blank

                    Hey there, nguyene20 , I'm so sorry you are having some issues accessing the website!  What seems to be the problem? If it isn't something directly account related, perhaps one of our users or mods can help out?  As this is a community forum, no one here can access your account, but there are tons of knowledgeable folks here who can point you in the right direction!