Bank account charged, no payment history or credit on tmobile account


    Yesterday my bank account cleared a payment to T-Mobile that I did not make, and when contacting customer service, they have no history of that payment period, so I'm out the charge until I make a claim withmy bank to investigate a fraudulent charge, at this point I almost want to cancel my T-mobile service and look elsewhere, after being a tmobile customer since 2011, as of right now though,  they have no record of requesting the funds from my bank, and no payment has been credited from my account balance.

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      • drnewcomb2

        My advice,whenever money is the root of the disagreement, is to write them a business format letter explaining the situation and demanding that they fix it. If it ever comes to a court or arbitration case, you want the paper trail to show you did everything right. It's OK to call them or contact them on social media, etc. but always follow up with a letter.

          • razrz3dge

            I've contacted both my financial institution and tmobile, and they are both doing the he said she said, tmobile doesn't show the payment and are asking if I'm talking about a previous payment, to which that's not the payment in question, there alternative is contact my bank, and my bank says the payment was made to tmobile like all my previous payments, F800-937-8997 WA, my banks solutions are, dispute the charge, wait a few days or call tmobile.

          • magenta4939060

            I love T-mobile but their system is really screwed up sometimes. Back in February, I was attempting to make a payment arrangement on the website.  Something happened and I got an error message saying to try again.  A few minutes later I got a text confirming the payment arrangement with a card that wasn't mine.  This has happened twice.

            • magenta4939060

              They took your money, applied it to another T-mobile account.  After I told them that wasn't my card on file, I gave them my correct card and made the payment.  They STILL applied another credit to my account using the mysterious card.  The payment was eventually reversed and now they have my account all messed up and flagged as if I did something wrong.  I had to walk my payment in a T-mobile store because they blocked me from online payments. VERY frustrating and they won't admit their system is all out of whack smh! I'm sure it's happened to other people as well.

              • tmo_chris

                Hey folks! I know this is a super weird issue but you can rest assured that we will do everything we can to correct this. For these types of issues, we will need access to your account but cannot do so here on a user forum. Speaking with our customer care teams over the phone or our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter is going to be the best course of action.


                If you want to do the Facebook or Twitter option, the links are in my signature.

                • icecreamlover01

                  The same thing just happened to me.

                  Yesterday, November 7, 2018, I received a notication from my bank for a charge for over $400 from T-Mobile auto pay. When I contacted T-Mobile they kept saying there was nothing in my payment history about such charge and that I should check with my financial institution. They also asked me if I had another account with them and I told them that I only have one account which I recently opened last month.

                  So, the T-Mobile care specialist asked me for more information and said they were going to investigate the charge.

                  Meanwhile, I had to cancel my debit card and order a new one and to avoid this from happening again I decided to cancel T-Mobile Auto Pay. I rather pay $10 more a month than give them my card information for automatic payments and risk having this happen again.


                  As of right now, the charge is being investigated by T-Mobile and I've also disputed the charge with my bank institution. This is absolutely ridiculous! My monthly bill is only a fraction of that charge.

                  I hope this is solved because I've never had to sue anyone and I don't want my first time to be over something as ridiculous as this.