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    I have have switched from Verizon to Tmobile using the GetOutOfTheRED and was amazed at how seamless that switch was.  That was a handful of moths ago, I am not 100% sure but I could have swore that folks switching from AT&T could have taken advantage of the same deal without having to trade in their phones like the Verizon guys.   Was that ever the case?  Did the deal change?


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      • magenta4942087

        I switched from Verizon in March and had no problems getting reimbursed for my phone payment ($650 reimbursement towards my Verizon iphone bill) through the getoutofthered program.  Unfortunately, I recently switched another line from Verizon to T-Mobile and have had an awful time trying to submit my Verizon bill to T-mobile for reimbursement of the $175 early termination fee (ETF). The online submission through didn't recognize that I had a qualifying iphone, so it was a dead end.  Customer service gave me an email address to submit the bill to, but that promotion required a device trade-in (which I'm not doing).  Another customer rep gave me yet another email address to submit the bill to, but I have no idea if they received my email and are processing the rebate or not.  I've spent at least 4 hours on the phone with reps who don't seem to know what they are doing, and do not have useful access to my records.  Customer service was outstanding when I signed up for T-mobile in March, but the past 3 weeks it has been horrible.  

        • tmo_mike_c

          That's a good question lbzpinkpanther. The trade-in wasn't required some time ago, but the offer is different now and a trade-in is required.


          Oh man magenta4942087 I'm bummed your second switch isn't going as smooth as the first. Have you reached to our Care folks recently to let them know you're still having some trouble redeeming the offer? I'm also seeing that you don't have to trade in the phone if you're opting for the #GetOutoftheRed promo.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hi again.


              I'm just checking in to see if you've reached out to our Care team to help get this resolved. Please let us know. Thanks!

                • magenta4942087

                  Yes, I think it’s resolved.  I spoke with various customer support reps who were helpful (in attitude) but were not actually useful.  I had to explain my situation over and over, and each rep had a different level of understanding understanding and ability to help.  The final straw was when I was transferred to the rebate support line and was greeted by a useless automated help line with no option to speak with a person.  Argh!  I called back, again, and requested an actual human in rebate support.  She informed me that ETF’s are not covered by the GetOutOfTheRed program.  This disagrees with what the local T-Mobile store told me when I ported that number, as well as what the subsequent support reps told me.  But, when I checked the current promotion, I saw that phone payments are covered and ETFs are not mentioned.  So, it appears that the final rep in rebate support was correct.


                  To make up for the misinformation, the rep credited my account $75, which is much less than the $175 I was expecting, but better than nothing.  If I had known that T-Mobile didn’t cover ETFs from Verizon, I would have kept that phone on Verizon until the contract was up in September.  Oh well, live and learn. 


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