I decided to switch carriers after hearing about a promotion through Perkspot with my employer. I called the number listed in the Perkspot ad (844.786.2964) in order to receive a $100 Visa gift card to port my service from AT&T (a 15 year customer) to T-Mobile.


    After placing my order for an iPhone X over the phone, and after paying $368.74, the phone arrived in the mail today. I tried porting my number from AT&T to T-Mobile by following their instructions and calling the "porting center" (1-877-789-3106). Calling from my existing iPhone 6S and my AT&T SIM card, I gave them all the requisite information (AT&T Account #, PIN #, etc), and the phone went dead. I no longer had service on my AT&T phone, and my number hadn't yet transferred to my new T-Mobile phone. Without any other way of making a call, I made a landline call through Skype to T-Mobile, only to find out that I wasn't able to start using the new iPhone X because there was an existing balance on the phone. And the only way to resolve the issue was to call the organization I originally placed the order through. I paid $368 in order to have a brand new phone so was shocked to hear that the phone they sent me was used.


    I reached out to AT&T (again over Skype), and they told me they had canceled my account because I was with a new carrier. When I finally reached Perkspot, I was told that I had the option of ordering another phone through them (fool me once, shame on you...), or going to a T-Mobile branch, paying for a brand new phone, and shipping the used phone to them with a pre-paid shipping label (and a refund wouldn't be issued until they received it). Because I chose not to order another phone from this scam, I was no longer eligible to receive the $100 Visa gift card. And the only thing they could offer me was a $35 accessory gift card for any accessory ordered from T-Mobile's website.


    Now I have two phones, neither of which have cell service. And I have to take time off work tomorrow (after taking time off work today to receive the phone) in order to go to a T-Mobile branch and pay another $368 for a new iPhone X. If I had the option of staying with AT&T and scrapping T-Mobile altogether, I definitely would. But now T-Mobile owns my cell # and I'm stuck with them. For someone's first experience with a new carrier, T-Mobile has royally screwed up. If you are considering changing carriers, steer clear of T-Mobile. I'd rather pay the additional money for more dependable service through AT&T. Don't make the switch!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Perkspot

        Sorry to hear the switch over was this troublesome. We want changes like this to go as smooth as possible for you. I checked on this offer and it's a bit confusing that you had to purchase a phone through Perkspot as I'm not seeing that buying a phone is a requirement to get the gift card. Most of the time, the port-ins take about 24 hours to complete. Have you touched base with our Care folks to see if your number transfer has been complete?

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          Re: Perkspot

          Hullo there, and happy Monday! Just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to read over Mike's reply above. Let us know if you still need help! Thanks!