Security update for LG K20 plus makes phone unable to connect to network


    Hey Tmobile.


    Your most recent update that was pushed today after installing made my phone unable to connect to the network and thus unusable for calls or text.


    I went into a store where it was troubleshooted by an associate who recommended I get a warranty replacement. It is an issue with the update making the phone not connect to the network. The store had no immediate remedy, they didn't have lonner phones nor were they able to replace the now useless phone. The warranty would take 5 days to ship to Hawaii and cost me 20 dollars. Despite it being an issue caused by a tmobile update.


    I called tech support and spent 2 hours going over the same routine where the associate offered to have a warranty phone sent out within 2 business days. I asked if anything would be done to document the issue with the security update and how having a replacement phone of the exact same kind would do anything different if the update would make it useless again, she recommended not installing the tmobile update...


    It would be nice to have someone at tmobile understand 1. The update makes the phone LG K20 PLUS not connect to the network and should be pulled back for debugging. 2. A replacement phone of the same type without addressing the bug issue won't solve the problem and 3. That it's tmobiles fault my phone isn't working and try to remedy it upfront with at least a cheap loner phone till the bug is resolved.

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