Question about scams.


    Last night I received two text messages from T-mobile each with a pin number to complete this transaction.

    I didn't request any changes so as I was just about to call, T-mobile called me. The rep. asked if I requested any changes to

    the account I told him no. He said that it sounded not right because the person wasn't able to provide enough info for the account.

    He said he was going to file a fraud alert and someone would get back to me in a few days. He asked me to add a pin to my account

    for extra protection, I told him I would call and do it tomorrow because it was late and I didn't want to give any info out if I didn't call them.


    Today at work, I received 3 texts from t-mobile a few minutes apart, thanking me me for my payments of $15.00, $19.00 and $21.00

    on two different credit cards. I called at once told the rep the payments were not mine and explained the issue last night. She confirmed the

    payments had been posted and locked down my account right then, phone and web site access. She filed 3 fraud alerts for unauthorized

    payments and took them off the account. She said no changes were made to the account and not to try to make any payments till I hear back

    from them in 48-72 Hrs. We set up the extra pin and she assured me the account was fine.


    Now my question, Why the heck would a scammer make payments to my account????


    Sorry if I was long winded, just wanted to provide as much detail as I could.


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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Question about scams.

        This actually reminds me about the time my car got stolen. I had parked it in the parking lot here at work and was basically coasting in on fumes (it was pay day). The car got stolen and the police didn't find it for 4 days. When they called me to come pick up the car at the spot the thiefs left it at, I was worried I was going to have to call a tow truck cause it would have definitely been out of gas. To my surprise, the thiefs filled up my tank! Only suffered a broken window and some trash in the car but all in all it worked out haha.


        As for your issue, that is incredibly strange! Are you the only one on your account or do you have friends and family on the account as well? I know on my account my parents log in and pay their own portion of the bill. If you are the only one on this account and received these sort of messages, the fraud reports are definitely the way to go. We take account security seriously and will make sure to clear this up for you. I know you already set up a pin on your account which is a great move but you can also check out our Protect yourself from scams document for some additional measures.