No repeating audio alert that you have a voicemail??


    I've come from Virgin Mobile to my new REVVL phone with T-Mobile.  I'm astounded that apparently T-Mobile doesn't have the very basic, and highly-useful feature that VM did, in which your phone would sound an audible beep that repeated every 5 minutes, alerting you that you have a voicemail from somebody.


    Apparently, all that T-M does is give you the initial audio alert at the moment somebody leaves the message, and then you're out of luck afterward in case you weren't within earshot of the phone at that moment.  You then later have to be looking at your phone all the time to see the little flashing light alerting you that you have some kind of alert, whether a waiting voicemail or text message.


    This is ridiculous.  I just had a cheap burner phone with VM, and I would have thought that this feature would be desired by most everybody.


    Let's say that you've left your phone on the kitchen counter to charge up.  You weren't within earshot when someone left you the message.  And now that you're in the living room watching TV while your phone is charging in the kitchen, you have no way of knowing that someone left you a voicemail?


    T-M expects people to jump up every so often and physically go to their charging phone to see if the little light is flashing, indicating a message?  Or that people have their phones constantly in their hand, to where they can see the little flashing light at all times?


    I can't believe that people aren't demanding such a basic, simple, and totally crucial feature!!  On VM you could of course disable this setting in case it annoyed you, it was called "Beep and remind."


    Please, someone tell me that I haven't gone backwards 15 years technologically, to have dumped my old VM burner phone for this nice new REVVL "smartphone"!!  Thanks!!!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Shucks, pacificoast! We're glad you switched -- it's always a bummer to read that a new customer is less than stoked about the differences between devices.
        While Visual Voicemail should provide you with a (visual) notification when a new Voicemail is left, you're right that there isn't a persistent sound notification option. What kind of phone did you have with your previous carrier?

          • pacificoast

            My old Virgin Mobile phone was a cheap $20 Kyocera burner model from like 2003, a dumbphone called a "Marbl".  But that's not the point, which is that T-M should offer such an *obviously superior* "Beep and remind" option.


            May I kindly ask that the genius engineers at T-M put this feature up on their to-do list?  I can't believe that this is the default reality for the world of advanced smartphones, that users are expected to be so constantly tethered to their hardware that they are supposed to be staring at it all the time to see if they have a voicemail


            As long as I'm complaining, T-M also needs to set as a top priority cleaning up its act with respect to the "Digits" app.  I was really looking forward to this, as I have like 8 different numbers accumulated for various businesses and cities I've lived in.


            Once I found how unreliable and buggy it was, though, I couldn't uninstall Digits fast enough.  I need 100% reliability that if someone calls me on an old number, that it rings through, or am at least alerted that someone left a voicemail.  I was appalled to find that maybe, and maybe not, such a call might come through and let me know.


            I quickly dumped Digits, in favor of assigning my old number to Google Voice, which DOES reliably forward calls.  I am otherwise very pleased with the superior customer service of T-M, but things like this Digits fiasco (complaints shared by many other users) really do need to be tended to.  It could be a killer app, but with it being so flaky, ehhhhh, not so much.

              • tmo_marissa

                I hear you, pacificoast! I wanted to ask what type of device you had because I think this is actually feature on the phone and operating system, not the carrier. On your new phone, for instance, Google is responsible for the software (and the notification options built into it) -- "Android" operating systems are Google products. So Google creates the basic Android platform; and then each device manufacturer would further customize it for their particular phone (LG, Samsung, Sony, etc), and then there might be minor alterations baked in for carrier specific needs (for instance, T-Mobile's WiFi calling and native DIGITS on devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9 are proprietary, so they're added to a device's software by manufacturers when they customize software for T-Mobile).


                Long story short, I can totally understand why this is a useful function for a phone to offer, but I think that it was just an awesome feature of your old phone, and for some reason, it doesn't seem as though this option (persistent tonal VM notifications) is part of Android at this time.


                I've never used one personally, but there might be a third party app you could download that would perform this function. I tried to do a quick Google search to help out, but all I've come across are posts in other forums dating back to 2013 by folks who are expressing the same wish -- for a way to make their Android phones play persistent voicemail notifications. I wish we could be more help here!


                Regarding DIGITS, that is absolutely a T-Mobile service, so we appreciate the feedback!