Awful tower coverage.


    What should I do when I’ve contacted T-Mobile about their service multiple times without any real solution being offered? my local towers are so congested that the only time I can get more than one bar of signal even with a signal booster is in the extreme middle of the night? Every time I complain they say nothing is wrong. Clearly SOMETHING is wrong.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Awful tower coverage.

        Congestion is definitely a tough situation. The good news about congestion is that it only occurs when there is a ton of T-Mobile folks using the network at the same time. If you are experiencing this issue, there is a lot more folks also experiencing this and it makes it a top priority for us to resolve it.  We really appreciate you reporting this as it will definitely be on our engineers radar.

          • alissa914

            Re: Awful tower coverage.

            I mean no disrespect here, but congestion can only happen when a lot of people are on the tower as that's what congestion is.  It seems like if the tower is always like this that either (1) the system isn't deprioritizing people abusing the data plan or (2) there aren't enough towers.


            What I would tell the "angrybeyondbelief" user is that you should either (1) get a 4G LTE CellSpot by calling 611 (or going to a store) and asking them for one (I would definitely recommend this as it makes sure you always have a signal in your house), (2) tell tmo_chris your ZIP code to pass it along.


            But definitely go with #1 first.  I asked them for one and they waived the $25 setup fee.  I got mine in 3 days and have full bars in my place w/ LTE everywhere (in the 3000 foot area)


            Obviously that doesn't help you when you leave your home.... but at least you'll have coverage at home.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Awful tower coverage.

            Filing a ticket is a good idea and will get our engineers involved with coverage troubles in a specific area. Just checking in to see if this has been filed for you. If not, getting our Tech Care folks to get one filed is a great way to get help with the service.