My voice is not audible to opposite party after Android 8 (baseband - N950USQU3CRD7)


    I got Android 8 update today morning. Happily applied. Mine is T-mobile note8 (baseband - N950USQU3CRD7 ).


    However, for all the calls received today, the other persons on calls were complaining "Sir we are barely able to hear you". Volume is on top setting.


    This wasn't issue earlier at all. All calls were clear and loud and none used to complain like that. I had 4 people today (out of 5 calls made/received ) complaining about this ( Fifth call was to my wife and anyhow she never listens so not sure she ignored my voice 'as usual' or she won't care !! I think later is true !!! ) .


    I am not using wifi calling and even if there is a bug and all calls are routed through wifi, then also I should have clarity on calls because my wifi speed is almost 100 mbps . Whole day I was seating in my office room next to my wifi router.


    Interestingly, I was clearly hearing voice of opposite party . Not sure what went wrong after Android update or it was merely coincidence ( 4 times !! ).


    Will keep monitoring. Anyone else facing this issue or it is just me ?

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