Samsung Note 8 Notification Issue


    Hello, so I updated my t-mobile note 8 to the oreo version and once I swipe my notification away, the number badge disappears from the app. This has been making me forget that I had pending messages to reply. Please can this be fixed? We need the notification number badge to display on the app even after swiping it off so at least we know we still have something pending. Please can this be fixed or at least made an option?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Samsung Note 8 Notification Issue

        Hey, aenoibanga! We don't have the disappearing badge notifications when you clear drop down/pop up notifications listed internally as a known issue, but after some good old fashioned Googling it seems like this is something a lot of folks are experiencing after updating to Oreo -- not just on Note8s, but other devices as well. After reviewing several other forums; I still haven't been able to determine if it's a deliberate behavior, though -- this kind of makes it seem so; but I don't know Samsung forums well enough to tell for sure! Badges with number disappearing while using android Oreo OS? | Samsung Support
        Have you done any troubleshooting post-update, like a cache clear or even a Master Reset? I'm wondering if the issue still persists afterwards!

          • androidz32015

            Re: Samsung Note 8 Notification Issue

            My note 8 did that missing notification bar too once in a while, it's not t mobile, it's Samsung, but since the may 13th Oreo resumed update no more issues, and best of all my batter is back and has life again, no more Oreo bugs. Works like it did back with version 7.1.1. But better and faster and the new features, too. C'mon note 9 August 2018. .... next iphone??? Uh huh possesses.