How do you get your old number back after it’s been hijacked?


    Last month, I found out my phone number was stolen, after a few grueling hours on using someone else’s phone to call T-Mobile. They then realized what happened and said they would give me a temporary new number and put me back on my old number as soon as they can. It’s been about a month now, and nothing happened.


    Did anyone else have this issue?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, dfpcmaia!


        Gosh, I'm so sorry that happened! You're not the first this has happened to (it's an industry-wide issue) which is why we started requiring a PIN to port-out phone numbers. From looking at time frames, they're different for each situation. Have you called Customer Care or our Number Transfer Center to see if they have an updated status for you? You can reach Customer Care through an option found here or you can call our Number Transfer Center directly: 1-877-789-3106.

          • dfpcmaia

            Alright- so I was told I wasn't able to get my number back. I'll describe what happened to me so that anyone else who has this problem knows what to do and not to do.


            Here's what happened to me:

            So as soon as we realized what happened in late April, T-Mobile cancelled the account of whoever was using my new number and told me they would transfer it back to me and they would call me when they do. After a bit less than a month after that, in May, I messaged T-Mobile instead of calling (their phone customer service is atrocious), and was told that my situation was still under investigation and I should wait a bit before trying again. Soon after that, I created this forum post. So I waited, and since I was traveling outside the country, I figured I'd give them time. I cam back in July, and I messaged them again, and was told everything would work out and they would be able to transfer my number in 24 hours. I was relieved! However, 24 hours came and went and today I messaged them again. Same thing - they'd be able to process my request within 24 hours. Then, a few hours later, I received a call saying they needed a bit more time and would talk to people "higher up". They did, and at the end of that half-hour call, I was told that it's impossible to get my number back because it's been more than 60 days since the number was cancelled, and had already been placed in the "number pool" and assigned to someone else. So that means that every time I contacted customer service, either the reps didn't know what they were doing or they lied and pretended to solve my issue. More importantly, no one informed me that I had 60 days to get my number back. My hunch is that they thought I'd just become complacent with my new number, without thinking that I rely on it for everything.





            1. Message T-Mobile as soon as possible. Their chat is WAY better than the call, because I suspect the reps have a bit more time to look over their script and give you better and more eloquent responses. Unless you have really good hearing and can understand a thick Indian accent well, feel free to call. Let them know what your problem is. Sometimes the chat person calls you for some security reason or some protocols, so head's up.


            2. Once your old number is cancelled, you have 60 days to get it back. They will tell you that they will figure it out for you, but don't trust them. Call the number transfer center as soon as possible, and let them know about your issue. They might put you on hold a few times and tell you it'll take 24 hours. Wait 24 hours.


            3. If this works, nice. If not, message on chat them again. Explain what happened. You always have to re-explain. They might do the same thing the last person did, but tell them that since it's already been 24 hours since the last request and ask them to contact someone above them.


            4. Make sure someone above them is contacted. Otherwise, they're probably going to keep you in the dark and submit bogus requests.


            5. Hope for the best. Also, they'll ask for your birthdate and account PIN a lot.


            Honestly, I'm appalled at the quality of T-Mobile's customer service. Not only did I have to pay for my May bill TWICE because I had to put credit on the new number, all I got at the end of multiple calls, chats, and callbacks was "sorry". I know that number hijacking is an industry-wide issue, but if T-Mobile had better customer support, I could've solved this issue quickly and probably been better compensated.


            Honestly, I'm going to look at options with other carriers, and check if any of them have better support.

          • mat1258

            Had this happen to me this week and spent over 7 hours talking to numerous people and my account is still screwed up! Should have never left Verizon for this!!

            • dfpcmaia

              When it first happened, I called T-Mobile support and had a terrible experience. In the end they said they would transfer my number automatically as soon as they could, but it’s been 3 months. Used the T-Mobile chat about a month ago and they said they couldn’t change my number back yet because it seemed like my situation was still ‘under investigation’... I’m hesitant to call, because I can never reach someone who understands what I’m saying, and I can barely understand their accent either. I’m going to try the chat again today and see what they say.