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    I just switched my family over from Verizon. Do I need to do anything to enable T-Mobile version of RCS?  I have tried messaging my family members but it always seems as SMS not advanced messaging.




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      • tmo_amanda

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        Hey, Rick!


        Great question! What type of phone are you using as RCS may or may not be available?

          • rlkmartin

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            We have a T-Mobile branded S-9 plus, a Google pixel 2 xl, and a Google

            pixel 2.



            Thanks, Rick

              • tmo_marissa

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                Hey, Rick! Thanks for following up with your device roster! Sorry about the delay in reply.


                We don't have full capability yet for RCS as it will ultimately function in a Universal Profile, inter-carrier capacity, but many T-Mobile devices do have Advanced Messaging, which uses Rich Communication Services. Your S9+ should totally support this:Advanced messaging: Samsung Galaxy S9+. Since right now one of the requirements to use Advanced Messaging is:

                • All participants in the message conversation are using a T-Mobile Advanced messaging device (Rich Communications Services RCS). If not using, reverts to normal SMS/MMS.

                I'm not 100% sure if your devices will be able to all take advantage of these messaging features, because the Pixels are a gray area for me. They may be able to use something like Advanced Messaging with each other, because I believe that Google has RCS implemented already; but I'm not sure they'd be able to message in that manner among all four lines. Are you seeing read receipts or check marks on messages sent between any of the devices?

            • patrickutz

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              I just wanted to follow up on this post as I have a similar question as well. I have the original Pixel and am wondering if I have RCS support for Android Messages. I recently got the update for using Messages on the web however I have not seen any read receipts or the phrase "send message" in the app. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!