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    Dear T-mobile,


         I'm very disappointed and exhausted of your customer service. It has been quite sometime since I first Joined T-mobile, from Verizon.

    The deal was... I send in screenshots of my Verizon bill that states the phone number and what the ETF was to break that lease. I think I've been patient enough since it has been a little over a year, but now I'm getting upset. I did my part and wasted plenty of gas with over a dozen store visits and my time, calling in your reimbursement team. What did it for me was my very last visit at the store... the guy just gave me the same phone number I've been calling and said "It makes no different if I call in or you."


         Long story short, maybe about 5 or 6 supervisors from the reimbursement team (1-888-390-6867 option 3 then 1 then 1) did "supervisor override" to make sure that I get my switcher offer in a form of a Visa gift card. Each one of them told me to wait 6-8 weeks for my gift card to arrive. I don't know what else to do. Do I need to put this company on blast on social media like the rest of my friends do, to get what they wanted? After I got this LG V20, I was satisfied.... there was no urgency for the $300 and some change (either way that is something I'm entitled to since I did my part), but now I want to get a new phone... It would come in handy. Initially, nobody could find the pictures that I sent in, but after speaking to some T-Mobile reimbursement team rep from Canada, sure enough it exists. How do I know? The girl told me the exact amount of my ETF from Verizon without me having to tell her. The excuse from your store rep is "You took to long to take action". Excuse me? I sent in everything within 2 weeks of joining T-Mobile. Try again!!! I'm giving you guys 1 last chance. Someone better reply to this with a solution before I give your easy to reach CEO an earful.


         You guys are never late sending me my bills, why has it been over a year and I've yet to receive my gift card?

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      • qktreasures

        Re: T-Mobile switcher offer

        Well I have been with T-Mobile for almost 11 years & have been generally happy with my service. Yes they make mistakes every now & then but they fix & make things right. What I would like to offer is that you sbshou contact TMO t-T-For on faceFace or Twitter to reach out to them. I usually have great success using this method. If you dont have Facebook or Twitter I can get you the email address for T-force.


        Lastly if these methods fail I would suggest you give the ceo john Legere a email so that a member of his executive response team can contact you to make things right. But I would first try the above methods before contacting John Legere as you definitely wanna go up the chain of command & not step on any toes in the process. Please let me know if I can be of any more help to you. Thank you very much & have a wonderful day!!    ☺️  


        All the best,


        • tmo_marissa

          Re: T-Mobile switcher offer

          Hey, rivajazwiec. This is definitely far outside of the typical timeline for #GetOutoftheRed -- even before the timeline improvements we made!
          I know it sounds like there has been a ton of effort put in to reaching out. Through all of those contacts, are you able to pinpoint the timeline when your submission was approved and we advised that the card was on its way? This promotion currently pays out with a prepaid virtual MasterCard, and I'm wondering if perhaps the reason you're not seeing a physical card is because it's being paid virtually instead.
          If that were the case -- the submission was approved and is being paid by virtual card -- then to access it, you'd just --


          • Log back into the www.switch2tmobile.com site.
          • Upon login, you should be automatically redirected to the reimbursement status page.
          • From the status page, select Redeem Virtual Card to reveal the prepaid virtual MasterCard details.


          If you login to www.switch2tmobile.com now, are you able to follow these steps? Can you let us know what your status page is showing?

            • rivajazwiec

              Re: T-Mobile switcher offer

              I've already done this before. This is what initially prompted my first of many calls to your customer service. I saw back in 3/17/17 that I was "unqualified" for the prepaid plastic card. 1st agent stated that I was too late to redeem it and transferred me to a supervisor... supervisor stated that they had no record of the screenshot I sent in of my Verizon ETF that's why I was unqualified. After getting transferred 3 more times, the last rep finally transferred me to the reimbursement team which then stated that they're going to override it because of the troubles I went through and to wait 6-8 weeks. about 8-9 weeks later I called in again because I didn't receive it... same scenario and repeat that 2 more times. Finally I called T-mobile again and asked for the escalation team, which then I got a very nice female rep from Canada that supposedly handle this type of issues. Mind you, this is about 9 to 10 months later. She is finally then one that told me that She sees everything on file and then stated what my ETF was... and the screenshot was good. She then told me she was going to override and give me my reimbursement which then she gave me the options of either virtual or plastic card. So I Chose plastic card because she said that It would let me pay for the remainder of my phone at the store and get a new phone. I heard her typing away and she told me that she wrote in details of my situations and why she did what she had to do, for e-trail. Isn't there anyone from T-mobile that could see the lengthy notes she left behind on my account? I'm going to leave out the details about all my store visits, because all they ever do is give me the same phone number to the reimbursement team that I've been contacting. Store reps are useless. They only care about you day 1 of the store visit and signing you up.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: T-Mobile switcher offer

                  Oh, goodness! Is March 2017 when you initially switched? It's such a bummer to read you were given multiple reasons for disqualification, too! I know there are escalation processes that can be utilized outside of the standard timeline; but I can't imagine what the hang-up is at this point since it sounds like you spoke with someone who was able to escalate the matter several months later!
                  Our internal teams are able to review notes left by T-Mobile employees; but the account details accessed and notated by the Reimbursement Team are in a different system/platform. I'm wondering if that may the difficulty here. Definitely if we're able to see the notes we should be doing our level best to make sure that we're making this right! I promise your experience as a customer is important from day one through day 1,000.
                  Our public user forum isn't a secure platform to safely verify your account and take a look -- however, our T-Force team on social media (via Message on Facebook or DM on Twitter) is able to send you a link where you can authenticate your account details and we can review the account notes from there. I know you've reached out multiple times already, and I completely understand not wanting to repeat your situation -- you're welcome to copy and paste the information you've posted here to lessen the effort as much as possible. Please keep us posted on the results!