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    • nolehunter

      30. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

      I haven't yet but I'll probably need to. I was hoping a fix would come out so I wouldn't have to swap phones.

      • tmo_mike_c

        31. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

        I understand. I haven't come across this being a known problem with the update. I'll reach out to see if there's more on this I can dig up.


        veener79  have you also tried a backup and reset on your phone to see if that fixed it?

        • veener79

          32. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

          I was not able to wipe my phone yet. Hope to try it soon. Wird part is the BT was horrable when I posted this. Then today it only did it a few times an hour instead of about every minute.

          • nolehunter

            33. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

            I have tried a full factory reset twice now, to no avail. It does fix the problem but it's only temporary before it comes back. I was hoping that when the Oreo update got started again it would prompt me to update again with the new one, presumably with the issue fixed, but I haven't been able to get the update to happen and judging by the fact that it's the exact same build number as mine I don't think I'll be able to. I don't really want to go through getting a replacement phone here especially when I wont know what version the replacement will come with.

            • veener79

              34. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

              I am also noticing that I am having issues with BT devices being forgotten and I have to re-sync them.  My Fitbit has keep being reinstalled.  My wireless headset at work and my car about once every week I have to re-enter the 4 digit security code for them to sync with the phone again.

              • mapthomas

                35. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                Don't know if anyone has this issue but the skipping on my handset only occurs when the screen is on.


                Hopefully this is consistent with others and that there is a fix sooner than later.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  36. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                  I'm still doing some digging into this for other possible solutions. I haven't heard back yet, but as soon as I do, I'll keep folks posted here.

                  • perplexer27

                    37. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                    I believe that I have found the solution to get the V30 bluetooth working again (at least it appears to have worked for my V30 over the past few days). Performing a complete wipe and reinstall using the hardware buttons (instead of selecting reinstall from the Settings menu). To wipe and reinstall using the hardware keys, follow these steps:

                    1. Turn off the device.
                    2. Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons.
                    3. When the LG logo appears, quickly release and then re-hold the Power button while continuing to hold the Volume down button.
                    4. When the 'Delete all user data (including LG and carrier apps) and reset all settings' message appears, use the Volume downbutton to highlight Yes.
                    5. Press the Power button to reset the device.

                    Good luck!


                    • veener79

                      38. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                      Hi Mike,


                      I see there was an update released on Monday to fix this.  Right now my phone and LG hub are not seeing the update available yet.  How do I push this J version to my phone?Software updates: LG V30/V30+

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        39. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                        Hmm, that's a little odd. When you search for the update on the phone, have you tried on both Wi-Fi and the mobile network to see if it finds it?

                        • veener79

                          40. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                          I have tried both with out luck. Screenshot_2018-06-28-10-01-13.png





                          • don052

                            41. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                            Hi, I have problems too after Oreo update.

                            I have the LG V30+ LG-H932 also, and have general call quality issues with normal calling with the handset right up to my ear, as well as BT calling Quality, other person's voice fades out and back in again, and generally can't carry a good conversation. So much for updating being a good thing...


                            Call Quality before the update has been Not a problem, no complaints from person on other end of call...


                            I got this phone because of band 600 mhz and now call quality is going downhill...  This is Not Good TMO...

                            • tmo_mike_c

                              42. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                              Hey veener79 there's a daily limit of updates sent out to prevent congestion. That'll be the reason it's not giving you the option. We suggest you check daily and after July 31 the daily limit will be lifted and you'll be good to receive the update.

                              Software updates: LG V30/V30+


                              don052 does this happen on every call or a few calls? Also, does your phone have strong signal when the audio is going wonky? I'm bummed this is happening but we wanna help you out with this.

                              • don052

                                43. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                                This LG V30+ is getting 3 to 4 bars out of 5 and I have the TMO signal booster in my house, but other calls are out away from home in the wild totally dependent on TMOs mobile network... This happened on a handful of calls so far since I put two and two together... Never had call quality problem with this phone now I'm having it. I will update today as I travel around town...

                                • don052

                                  44. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio


                                  Yeah, it's bad just had to cancel a call. The reception on BT headset was going in and out. Then I turned off BT on phone LG V30+ and used the handset right up to my head. that worked for a while and then lost that signal and had to hang up and dial back the other person...  I work at my desk at home all day on Fridays using BT and TMO phone - this isn't working...

                                  I am un-paring the headset and just re-paired it and am trying a call to another TMO phone/person.

                                  same thing signal going in and out both people on each end are sitting still...

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