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    • magenta4965814

      15. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

      I've been playing music via Bluetooth in my car for about 3 hours total today. At different times. I no longer have the data issues and music plays flawlessly. It's the second Bluetooth device that I've tried and it's perfect. So looks like the only way to avoid issues is to factory reset and set up everything like new. Pretty annoying but it's what it is. So obviously a problem with LG's method of restoring data or upgrading over previous data. It's definitely LG's problem more than T-Mobile. They probably tested devices with fresh clean Oreo and not upgrades or backups restored. Phone works flawlessly for me now after the factory reset and no backup restored. Lot of work. Be careful to save everything you can. But it's worth it for a phone with 0 issues.

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      • pongalong

        16. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

        Thank you for the update! Would you mind reporting back after a few days? I've noticed that the problem slowly comes back after a normal reset (with backup data) - I hope that completely blank slate will resolve the issue.

        • magenta4965814

          17. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

          Bad news everybody. Even with factory reset, after I connected a second Bluetooth device while listening to music in the car, the skipping started again. Very badly. Even after disconnecting the second device, the skipping continues. And the data drops again. Looks like I have a full 4G signal, but nothing works. Music stops streaming, GPS app looking for network. Several times a day, I have to turn airplane mode on and off to get it to work again. So frustrating. Waited forever for this update. Update screws everything up. Factory reset and restore backup still screws everything up. Clean factory reset and still screwed up. I must have wasted 30+ hours of my life dealing with this. And now my Bluetooth doesn't work. And signal dropping costing me money as I drive uber and lyft. Hope they fix this soon! How could they test these devices and not find all these problems!?

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          • pongalong

            18. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

            I'm having the same issues. A smartphone isn't very useful without any of the communications abilities. This has almost made the phone unusable - I regret buying the phone outright because I can't just jump to a different model. I am ready to sell this and move to another phone/carrier.


            T-MOBILE could we get an ETA or some acknowledgement that this is being addressed? We know the Oreo update was halted because of all the issues people are reporting. Those of us that trustingly updated are hurting.

            • magenta3200699

              Original op here.... Problem still occurring after suggested fixes. It also occurs on other Bluetooth devices (like Toyota head unit).


              My phone now sucks badly.  It is unacceptable that such a serious bug made it through beta. Tmobile and LG really crapped the bed on this one.

              • pongalong

                20. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                I plan to contact LG regarding the warranty. If I get rejeceted then I'll go with a Pixel and Project-Fi. Too bad. Great phone before the update.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  21. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                  T-Mobile doesn't have any known issues listed for this but I'm seeing it pop up when I Google searched it. Has anyone hear reached out and heard back from LG to see if they have any suggestions on steps that can help?

                  • zerokool2k

                    22. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                    I actually did contact LG, and they said quote "We only make the device we have nothing to do with the software side"  They pointed me towards contacting Google

                    • magentaalan12

                      After ANY major Android update, Factory reset your device . Backup call logs and text messages if you like, send them to a cloud. Reset your device let it restore apps and then restore you logs/messages. It takes 20 minutes and your phone will run like new .My V30 was just upgraded to 8.0 and as soon as it did it's first boot, I reset it .it's working better than it did the day I bought it last year. 

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        24. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                        Hmm, well thanks for reaching out to LG zerokool2k . Sorry to hear they didn't have any suggestions. Have you had any luck with Google support at all?

                        • pongalong

                          25. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                          Update and recourse through claiming warranty (purchased 10/17):


                          1. (Fail) I contacted LG and spoke with a support representative. I identified my issue as that the radios (cell, wifi, bluetooth) are all unreliable and cut out. The rep offered to repair my phone and I further explained that it's not a hardware issue and I'd like to get a replacement phone still running Nougat. She assured me that the technicians would be able to do a "standard repair" and fix any issues with my phone. Additionally I would have to send my phone in without a replacement for 2-3 weeks. Because I wasn't confident that they wouldn't mail it back to me when they couldn't reproduce the issue, I didn't do this.
                          2. (Success, hopefully) I went to a T-Mobile store where I remembered talking to some more knowledgeable reps and they understood my problem immediately and began the warranty process after checking my customer history and purchase date. We had a chat about all the update issues LG and Samsung have had. I should be getting a replacement this week and if the phone is on Nougat, it will be a keeper. The rep did a fantastic job and has stopped me from bailing on T-Mobile.


                          I use my phone for work, including tethering and remotely connecting to offsite computers and the Oreo update was very painful. If T-Mobile or LG would let us know an estimate of when to expect a fix I might tough-it-out, but for anyone else in my situation I would recommend going into a store and working with a rep.

                          • tmo_mike_c

                            26. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                            I do appreciate you coming here and keeping everyone updated pongalong . Sorry to hear things didn't work out with LG, but I do hope your replacement device works better for you.


                            I would encourage that anyone running into this issue at least try the back up and reset as well as test connecting with other devices. If the device is still under warranty, and a replacement is needed you should be able to get that done without any issues.

                            • nolehunter

                              27. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                              I have this same issue. It's driving me crazy. I've done two factory resets which seem to fix it for awhile but it keeps coming back. I've tried every version of clearing the bluetooth cash and data to no avail. This is a major dissapointment after waiting so long for this update.

                              • tmo_mike_c

                                28. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                                I hear where you're coming from and I appreciate you doing those steps. Have you reached out to our Tech Care team to have them look into replacing the phone?

                                • veener79

                                  29. Re: LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

                                  I am also having this issue also.  I did the clearing of all BT data and rebooting the phone.  It did not do any improvements. 

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