Note 8 oreo redumes..finally


    I updated April 1st, but was so horrible and I guess this is the revised Oreo update with a different build number ..starts 10 pm California time. Worth a try

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      • magenta4914309

        Re: Note 8 oreo redumes..finally

        well, i updated on April first and allow me to say the battery was so bad that i wanted to send it out for warranty. i updated again last night and will see if it works longer then 1 day. Also, apps were crashing and restarting left and right.

        • jebrone

          Re: Note 8 oreo redumes..finally

          I'm having the same issue! Every app on my phone including the System UI is crashing. This would happen once a day but now its happening 3-4 times a day. Rebooting it only gives me maybe an hour before my phone locks up and 5-10 apps stop working, and if I don't restart it becomes a field day of ANR's (Application Not Responding).