"Please make sure there is a valid SIM Card inside the phone"


    I've been having problems with T-Mobile since moving from California three weeks ago. I've never had problems in California except some coverage problems (but everyone else did) and other than that it was working just fine.


    Problems started when I arrived to Redmond, WA. I started getting voice mail and people were telling me that they were not able to reach me. I always had signal and 4G working so it's a not a coverage issue.


    I went to T-Mobile store and they said it could be a SIM card issue so they gave me a new SIM and I tried it today and it's the same problem. My phone is an HTC U11 phone which I bought last year from Saudi Arabia so it's not a phone purchased in USA but it worked fine in Saudi, Lebanon and in USA ever since we came here in July of last year.


    One guy in the store told me that they did an upgrade here in Seattle area and it's probably why I'm having this issue and that it affect international phones only so the only solution is to buy a new phone. Well I don't want to buy a new phone, it's a perfect phone and fairly new.


    When I go to Network Preferences - I got this error message "Please make sure there is a valid SIM Card inside the phone"


    Any suggestions are welcomed.

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