New York City 4G LTE Service Issue


    For a long time I've been a huge T-Mobile cheerleader. I have LOVED what John Legere has done to shake up the industry and force all carriers into transparent pricing.  That has made the world a better place, for sure! When my sister, who had been on Sprint forever, wanted to change, I convinced her to join me on T-Mobile. Afterall, I loved what the company stood for, and you, know, all the carriers are pretty much same, unless you go Verizon, and you're going to pay extra for them, right? These feelings have been slowly drained out of me through years of poor service and problems that I can no longer defend, and I want answers!


    I'm really trying to understand the problems with 4G LTE service in Manhattan and surrounding areas. I realize that the number of users in an area can have a large impact on service quality, and of course the NYC area has a higher than average concentration.I am not an expert in any of these things, but I've been through the customer support mill numerous times now with T-Mobile. They have really great customer support!  So great, in fact, that they've been placating me with false promises for years. I tweet John Legere and they get back to me immediately, and they really sound like they care.  I get the sense that they are working closely with engineers to get to the bottom of my concerns, and they always come back with the same answer.  Something to the effect of, "we are working on a number of projects in your area to improve service greatly and they are slated to be complete around [insert some time in the next few months here].  I've been through it enough times now to realize that it's the company line.  It's really good, but I no longer believe a word of it.


    I've seen WSJ articles and other sources about the billions of dollars they're spending in certain markets to improve the service.  And I have, on occasion, been truly impressed by the network speeds I've seen in some areas of the city. But the area where I work (TriBeCa), and the area where I live (West Brooklyn), get subpar speeds. That is an understatement. I've taken to performing regular speedtests so that I can document my experience and prove, even to myself, that it isn't just 'in my head'. Afterall, who doesn't complain about their cell service, right? While indoor tests surely matter, I'm not sure that it's fair to blame the carrier for the walls of the buildings I am in, so I always make sure to do the majority of my tests outside.  I don't remember the last time I got anything approaching a 1.0 download speed in either of these most common places that I use my phone.  My upload speeds are faster, but with download speeds of .13, .42, .8, if I'm lucky, what does Upload speed matter?


    I am SICK OF IT, and no longer willing to accept the standard answers.  I am a thinking, intelligent, compassionate person, and I'm more than willing to accept a legitimate answer.  The question is whether anyone at T-Mobile can provide it? If you don't want to respond publicly, then please send me a message. It's just not ok to keep paying $100/month for a service that drops calls on my elderly mother, when she can get through, that prevents me using some of the most popular social media services or clicking on pictures and articles because I don't know if I'm willing to wait the requisite 30 or more seconds for the Instagram photo to load, if it ever does. I'm amazed that anyone uses or likes GIF's, because if I waited around for them to start moving in my Facebook comments, I'd never get anything done.  Does everyone else just have more patience than me, or do I have terribly slow service?


    Here are some things I'm thinking could be issues. I'm just taking a few guesses. Am I right? Anyone?

    - The billions are being spent, but there are permitting issues in the city that delay things.

    - Internal Project Management issues? Company bureaucracy?

    - The Upgrades have been made, but NY jut has too many people for the changes to feel like much?

    - The 'we're working on a number of projects' line isn't true about anything specific, but is just more like a general 'we're always trying to improve service everywhere'?

    - Most of the money and work has been diverted to 5G, which is taking longer to build out?

    - Somehow it's just my specific phone, and my sister's (both iPhone 7's one regular, one Plus) even after resetting network connections?


    Anyone who might be able to help me get to the bottom of this?