SIM card I.D. numbers, how to find


    Trying to record the SIM card numbers for two phones changed over to T-Mobile: One, was a new phone with SIM card already installed; how would one determine the SIM card # in this phone?


    The second came on a 3 in 1 card for installation in the existing other phone.  Picture on T-MO web site does not match what the card holder looks like.  There is a bar code on the back of the "Welcome Kit" but this seems to be for the kit.  Agent installing card destroyed part of the packaging that might have contained the second card number; how can SIM card number be determined?


    Also,  I received a text message from T-MO containing a six digit "TMO confirmation number", with a message to guard it with your life.  For what and when is this number used?


    Customer service drawing a blank on these questions (they disconnect during transfer).

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: SIM card I.D. numbers, how to find

        Hmm, that's super strange. Should be pretty easy to find that number. Usually the SIM comes in a larger piece of plastic shaped like a credit card. The number should be on it. Do you still have the piece that the SIM came out of?

          • magenta4890346

            Re: SIM card I.D. numbers, how to find

            Yes, I examined packaging which was not a simple card but rather a packet that expands when you pull on one side.  Then a section that has a place for the SIM card (and I assume it"s holder) extends from the other side.  All that I have is a hole in that section where the SIM card and (I assume) its carrier were positioned.  The T-MOB agent removed the SIM and installed it one of our previous phone leaving me with the packaging. The new phone which we purchased had a SIM card installed.  THE QUESTION IS: Once the SIM is in the phones, is there any way of determining its number?  If it is removed, is its number on the SIM card?


            Also note added question on original inquiry about mystery number assigned (for what purpose?).