Much Ado About Munchin'


    On a diet and kinda hate it? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there -- looking down at your plate of brussels sprouts and steamed cauliflower thinking, “Can I throw some cheese on this?!”


    Well today’s the day to toss those tired, bland veggies to the side. It’s National Eat What You Want Day! Want a burger with cheese? You can have it! Craving some chicken and waffles? Get someone to pass the syrup! Does pigging out on chitterlings and hot sauce make your mouth water? Well, not mine, but no judgement!


    We're bringing on the holiday spirit in good ol' Community fashion with pictures! So, post a pic of what you're eating and let’s all visually bask in food glory for National Eat What You Want Day!





    Feast your eyes on my light and fluffy pancakes topped with unsalted butter and maple syrup. Now, make your way to the crispy strips of mouth-watering bacon. Are you salivating yet? If you're eye-hungry for more, just look at those scrambled eggs. These were made with with cheddar cheese, feta cheese, green and red bell peppers. Lastly, I topped it with salsa. BOOM! And that's how I do breakfast!

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