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FamilyWhere Is ruining my life!!


    so im a 34 year old woman who has a spouse that constantly uses the FamilyWhere app to track my location. That alone is extremely annoying. But what’s worse is that it’s oftern not accurate and tells him I’m at places that I am not. I’m not a child that needs to be tracked. does anyone know of an outside app that can completely block my gps signa? Turning off my location services on my iPhone doesn’t work. Please I’m so sick of fighting over the results it gives him.  I called tomobile to ask them for help all the rep said was that he could disable my short codes, which would block the app. But since my spouse is the account holder all he had to do was call T-Mobile and reverse what I did. This is hell!!! Please someone any help is appreciated.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: FamilyWhere Is ruining my life!!

        Hey there!


        First off, I'm so sorry about your situation, I can't imagine how frustrating that is. Unfortunately, FamilyWhere doesn't only use GPS, it uses a few different ways to track you, so GPS alone won't block your location. If the account holder insists on keeping the application on your device, having your location on will actually provide a more accurate reading if part of the problem is the results. This site here will give some insight -


        That will yield more accurate results, however the only real way to stop the location tracking is to be the primary account holder and have it removed.


        I wish there was more we could do to assist.



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          Re: FamilyWhere Is ruining my life!!

          Opening up your own cell phone account is the only viable step. I have a similar issue where my wife track me via ipad/iphone and most times she sees inaccurate data from the map. One time she freaked out because she tracked me driving into the ocean.... well thats what her device  I am in a slightly different situation cause all i have to do is turn the cellular service off on my Ipad and no more tracky-tracky .


          Apparently your husband have trust issues maybe for a variety of reasons and he just want to know whats going on....he wants to keep tabs on his beautiful wife...  I do understand his view, and I do understand your view.... The both of you need to come to some sort of mutual understanding concerning the Family Monitoring or it will drain you emotionally and negatively affect your marriage and unfortunately T-Mobile do not have a marital/social intervention service that could help customers who may be affected negatively due to their great products and services.


          Wish you both the best ...

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