Some messages in Group not loading...


    Here's the situation and my preliminary analysis.


    Group Message thread with 4 or 5 people.

    Outbound messages from me are fine.

    Some inbound messages are fine from everyone at times.

    Error appears to occur when two people send a message at the same time. It looks like my phone (Samsung Note 5) can't handle the simultaneous messages.

    Example: Bob, Mike, Tom, Lisa and Wendy in MMS Thread.

    I(Bob) sends out (good)

    Tom relpies (good)

    Mike replies (good)

    Wendy replies (good)

    Tom replies again (good)

    Lisa replies (good)

    Tom & Wendy reply simultaneously ( Wendy good, Tom bad ) No idea which is 1st or 2nd from my end.


    Tom's message then shows in a different individual thread on my phone (not the group thread). It shows a box with a down-arrow, "No Subject", message size, and expiration day/time. If I touch to download it, it tries to download then gives this error: "download of 'No Subject' failed"

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