Binge On only partially working?


    I've been trying to figure out why I'm suddenly coming close to using up all my data (5GB) on a monthly basis, when the vast majority of what I use is streaming video and audio and until recently rarely used more than 3GB.


    Yesterday was the start of a new billing cycle, so I decided to monitor what I was being "charged" for data. I watched a baseball game on the mlb app for a couple of hours, and then checked my account. It said I used 400 MB of data, and 1.2GB of total data.


    So it looks like Binge On is on, but it's only partially working. I understand there's going to be a little background data that I'd be hit with while watching a game, but it shouldn't be anywhere near 400 MB. So why am I'm being "charged" for about 1/3 of the data for my "unlimited baseball?"

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Binge On only partially working?

        the streaming of ads isn't free.

        400M does seem like a lot of ads  Though, my rough calculations says that's about 10 minutes worth of ads at HD (I don't know video quality of the ads you're playing).

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Binge On only partially working?

          Hey, nowheresville! Just wanted to check in here and see if Smply's explanation was helpful. We've had a handful of users pop in with questions about MLB and so far, without fail, the ads have been the explanation for data consumption. I'm glad to read that you haven't really hit the full limit of your data yet, but I understand the concern if the plan was working for you previously and needs might have changed with the season! Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

          • nowheresville

            Re: Binge On only partially working?

            @tmo_marissa  Perhaps it is the ads, but if that is the case, that still seems like an excessive amount of data being used for a relatively small amount of time. It is my understanding that with Binge On enabled, that all streaming video is automatically capped at 480p, even if it's not "binge on video," so I wouldn't think I'd be using nearly that much data while streaming ads.


            And also, if it is the ads, then it's pretty misleading and disappointing for TMobile to advertise "unlimited baseball" when watching as few as 10 baseball games a month would completely use up what is a relatively large data plan since it's pretty much impossible to watch a game without watching the ads. 

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Binge On only partially working?

                We can definitely forward that feedback. I know that the ads/non-provider content issue is called out on the Binge On page, in the Note under Data plans and data usage, but we can forward the recommendation to call this out more clearly.
                Our internal teams do have a troubleshooting flow we can roll through to make sure there's not another explanation for the data consumption! If you're curious, then we definitely recommend taking a moment to reach out to Care, Tech, or T-Force (social media support via FB and Twitter, where we can securely verify your account), so that we can take a look at the account settings and the provisioning and make sure there isn't a potential network issue at play!