Trying to get prepay SIM working overseas


    I've bought a T-Mobile prepay SIM in Seattle. It worked ok in USA but I am now in New Zealand and it does not work.


    I understand I need to add roaming to my SIM, but can't work out how to do that.

    I can't even contact T-Mobile direct (I can't call USA numbers from here and the online chat function requires that I reply to an SMS sent to the T-Mobile SIM, but it never arrives because the SIM can't roam.


    I really just want to talk to a human at T-Mobile, give them the SIM details and some money and have roaming enabled on my SIM.


    I have friends in US who have been sending texts to my number and they're not arriving, I need to be able to contact them to continue my travels.




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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4864897! Welcome, and thanks for posting here to ask! I hope your travels are going well.
        Since you have internet access, you can contact us from abroad to make changes to your account by reaching out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter -- in those channels, we have the ability to securely verify your account information! Or, if you have your T-Mobile SIM with you; you may be able to dial +1-505-998-3793 from your T-Mobile device to connect!