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    I've had the Legacy pay as you go plan wherein I pay a fixed amount for minutes on my smart phone. It is used as an emergency phone only in my SUV, but recently I was shown a method to as Google by voice command to provide a map of the address or location desired and also routing directions. I attempted this by it would not work. Apparently my plan doesn't include access to the internet? Yet I can send and receive message texts? Can someone enlighten this smart phone luddite?

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        Internet and Call/Text are two completely separate features.  Think of it as your Cable TV and Internet you have at home.  You can have one without the other, but unless you have both "features" on your account, you won't have both (e.g. I have just Internet from Comcast, I can't plug my cable into my TV and see cable television -- or, my grandmother had just cable television from her provider, she couldn't get a cablemodem and magically get internet)


        If you're on a legacy plan that's old enough to just give you a few minutes you need, you probably don't have Internet available on the plan.  There's a possibility you might be able to add Internet to the plan for some unknown amount of money, but chances are they'd make you get on a current plan that would cost probably significantly more.  You'd have to evaluate what options are available and how much you're willing to spend for the awesome Google Maps ability.


        That said, there's also a way to use Google Maps offline -- while you're connected to your home WiFi, you can get the driving directions set up and saved, then head out.  It won't help you with traffic or other things.  Here's a link I found on that: Download areas and navigate offline - Android - Google Maps Help