My Note 8 hasn't received the Android Oreo update


    My Note 8 hasn't received the Android oreo update, and it's been almost a month now since the release. When will I get it?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, pastorlovo! Short answer: soon, we hope!
        Long answer: the Note 8 update was originally pushed on April 1st, but then held on the 3rd due to compatibility issues that were causing device trouble. Samsung has been working on a new version of the update that won't have those issues, and it's currently in testing to ensure that it doesn't present any problems. Once testing is complete, it will go back to the manufacturer and they'll correct anything necessary and push it OTA, or if it's already good, then they'll simply go ahead and start rolling again.

        We've had many users understandably ask this question, so we have one active thread we're steering concerns to if you'd like to take a look there or follow it. If there's any news we're able to share, that's where we'll post! No note 8 update yet. We're locking additional threads to keep the Community tidy and make sure no one gets missed if there's a status change!

        Thanks for taking the time to join our Community and ask your question here. Fingers crossed we have good news soon!