Why so difficult to file a claim via Assurance department


    Almost 3 weeks trying to complete a claim in order to get the phone. Every time I call I get the same response that neither my fax or email was received or that pic was not cleared. Funny since I'm using mobile network to email pic. Paying extra for this service and still you get the run around and the staff very unprofessional since they can't help you get hanged up on or transfered to an automatic service and the wait forget it over 40 minutes to get NOWHERE.. I have an autistic teen that requires to have his phone that I pay for and I am tired of the run around. Funny how I am still being charged for an unused line and my bill is the amount of a car payment fur the service received is worth less tha  10cents. Since they came up with this Assurance sercice it has been a nightmare dealing with this company. Why am I still waiting to get the service I PAY FOR.

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