do I have to pay the 5th line deposit


    I have currently had T-Mobile for about 10 years I have four lines two speakers and a tablet I have never missed a bill or had any line suspended


    Yesterday I called T-Mobile 611 line to inquire about adding a line to my account.  I was told that it would be $37 for the phone and $20 a month. That I only had to pay the $37.


    Because I needed the phone right away I went into the store the next day where I was told that I needed to pay a 250 deposit to add another line.


    I then picked up my phone to call T-Mobile back because I had not heard anything about this deposit before.


    The woman I spoke with so there was nothing to be done and that because of my credit they couldn't give me another line without the $250. Even though they can Finance me for closer to $8,000 in phones without needing a deposit before


    I am unsure why they are even checking my credit I've been with them for 10 years I've only ever had to pay the very first deposit when I came to T-Mobile which took them about six years to give it back to me


    Aside from leaving T-Mobile which at this point I am considering  because of the way that I was treated is there anything I can do about not paying a deposit

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