LG K30 Timeout


    LG K30


    Android 7.1.2

    Security Patch Level March 1, 2018

    Kernel ver. 3.18.31


    HW Version - Rev. 1.0


    Lock Screen - PIN


    Lock Timer - 5 minutes after screen timeout


    Screen Timeout - 2 minutes


    So this is what is happening:

    After unlocking or getting the screen back by pressing the button on the back of the phone, 10 seconds later the screen dims to a point where it is very hard to see and less than 5 seconds later it blacks out.  I press the button on the back and the same behavior happens.


    If I'm watching a YouTube video the screen stays active.  But if I'm reading a web page or just looking at a picture from Google Photos or even going through the settings for the n-th time, the same exact thing happens.


    Note: does not lock out.


    Extremely frustrating and ready to return.


    Am I missing something?



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: LG K30 Timeout

        Hey, monka!


        That's bizarre that this is happening. When did this first start? Was it after the March update? We have a newer update that started rolling out a few days ago. Try updating to the latest version and let me know if the issue persists.


        Software updates: LG K30 

        • monka

          Re: LG K30 Timeout

          Amanda, thanks!


          The phone was bought this past Monday, 5/7/18.  The current software update is from May 4th ("Launch software").  Since it was sitting in the store, boxed it might have had an older version.  However, If I'm not mistaken it already has Android 7.1.2 but I'll verify anyway (i don't remember the Software version) and post an update.


          Strange though that no one else has complained.  If this gets fixed by this weekend or so I'll keep the phone.  If not I'll have to return since it's very frustrating to use.


          Once again thanks.

          • monka

            Re: LG K30 Timeout

            FYI - Just confirmed the cell phone has the latest install from t-mobile.

              • tidbits

                Re: LG K30 Timeout

                Check for something that checks your eyes to see if you are looking at the screen. If you are it won't, but if you kook away for like 10 seconds it locks and turns off the display. If that is on it will override that setting.

                  • monka

                    Re: LG K30 Timeout





                    However the LG K30 is a pretty simple cell phone and does not have this feature (although I've gone through the settings more than a dozen times looking for anything related to timeout/screen and etc.).

                • monka

                  Re: LG K30 Timeout

                  Update - Interesting


                  I was ready to return it at the T-Mobile store when they put me on with support.


                  We reset the phone (again) but this time I skipped the part where you add your google account so it downloads all the apps and apparently applies some of your personalized setting and the timeouts started working correctly.


                  Back at home I reset it again but this time during the initial setup I included my google account and voila, back to the screen timeout issue.


                  So there is something in my profile that is being installed when it syncs that is messing up the screen timeout.


                  I'm going to change wallpaper to default, apply a standard theme and etc to see if I can figure this out.


                  I could also reset again, skip the part where I add my google account, let it finish the standard reconfig and then add/sync my google account (and all the apps) to see if that makes it easier to get around the screen timeout issue.


                  I'll update as soon as I have something.

                  • monka

                    Re: LG K30 Timeout



                    On the LG K30 (and MAYBE on other Android phones) when selecting to recover my Google profile/apps during the LG K30 activation the end result after everything has been recovered to the new phone just like the previous Android phone, is that my screen saver/timeout setting does not conform to what I have set it to in the LG K30 Android settings.  It is always 10 seconds and the 2 sends later off.


                    If you run in to a case similar to this, don't recover everything during activation of the new LG K30 (or maybe other Androids also), just log in with your account and later on recover the apps.


                    There appears to be some particularity in my Android saved "profile" that is messing this setting up.


                    I would like to thank everyone for their comments and help.


                    Chris H.

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                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: LG K30 Timeout

                        Thanks for coming back to let us know -- and for ALL of the troubleshooting you did to get to this conclusion! We really appreciate that you're sharing these results with the rest of our Community!