Galaxy s7 half a screen


    Galaxy s7  only ha

    f the screen is working the other half is “snow” ( much like when a tv station goes off air). Tried rebooting, off/on, batterery in/ out, hard stop/ reboot, factory reset. Sim in/out. Any one know what to do?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Galaxy s7 half a screen

        What in the world, magenta4856540?! This is a new one to me -- half a screen is about 50% less than the screen I need on my phone!

        It sounds like you have tried all of the troubleshooting under the sun for this, all the way through to a factory reset! When did this start happening? Did the phone have any bumps or tumbles right beforehand? Although screen issues can be software related, I would think that the factory reset would have settled the issue if that was the case.

        Most of the time screen trouble tends to stem from some kind of physical or use issues -- sometimes that means what folks call "burn-in", where you see ghost images on the screen, sometimes that means something's broken apart internally, sometimes that means spiderweb fractures all over the screen. That said, if your phone isn't damaged, and you've gone through all of this troubleshooting, the next step would be looking into a replacement device. Is this a TMO branded S7, and if so do you by any chance have insurance that would offer an extended warranty on your line?

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Galaxy s7 half a screen

          Good morning, magenta4856540!


          Marissa provided a few recommendations and we also have a few questions for you. Please look over her reply and get back to us so we can figure out why your Galaxy S7's screen is being wonky.

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Galaxy s7 half a screen

            Happy Monday, magenta4856540!


            I just wanted to stop by once more to see if you're still having issues with your S7's screen. If so, Marissa asked a few questions that might help us narrow down what's going on. She also made a few suggestions to troubleshooting the issue. Keep us updated on how everything's going.

            • cp21205

              Re: Galaxy s7 half a screen

              I have this exact same problem.  The right half of the screen is snow. It still responsive to touch, and screen grabs still work. The phone is otherwise fine (ie, apps all work, phone still works, bluetooth, etc).


              Bottom line:  It is a problem with the motherboard.


              To see if I could get it repaired,  I sent my phone into Samsung. I would not recommend doing this as Samsung was absolutely horrible to deal with, both the technical and customer support (long story, wont bore you with details; the process continues after they lost parts of my phone when they sent it back).  The bottom line is that Samsung will charge about $520 to fix this issue.  They will want to replace your LCD (even though its fine) and motherboard.  I declined to get it fully fixed   Sorry for the bad news, but it might mean you'll have to get a new phone.