Unlimited 4G LTE Promo on Simple Choice Plan??


    I have Simple Choice Plan with 4 lines and 2 GB of free LTE data from T-Mobile. I logged into my account today and saw the picture below... Unlimited Promo and 4G LTE data for free??? Called T-Mobile Customer Support to ensure what I am seeing is correct. The rep tells me she can't see this Unlimited Promo?? Any ideas as to what this is???


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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta4851168! I wish we could tell you that this was true! I did a double check and it looks like we have a known system issue where our T-Mobile app and MyT-Mobile are showing a possible pricing error. We'd advise against selecting that feature, as it will remove any existing features, and first confirming with an internal team who can review your account securely to be sure of any promotions available for your account! You can reference DOC-439023 when you Contact Us so our teams can review the issue I'm referencing. If reaching out online works best for you, we recommend working with our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter! You can link to this thread so they can see what you're talking about and the document number in my response.


        Thanks for taking the time to ask about this here!

        • donrc2

          Same thing happened to me today.  I logged in to look at my options for more Data for my kids and saw the Unlimited Promo for $0.00 and selected it for 4 lines, after it went through it showed No Data for the selected lines.  I have screen shots and shots taken with my phone of the computer screen of the deal.  I have tried to reach out to the website message system and they were no help and neither was the Twitter help.  they say it was an error.  So they make the same error to bait and switch it seems then try to talk you into changing plans.  I will keep working on this and sharing where I can to help others avoid the same trouble.  TM Dan.png

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey there, donrc2! Thanks for chiming in. I'm sorry to read that you're also impacted by this known system issue; but our engineers are working on it! I'm not sure if you had the opportunity to read over my response to the OP, but I assure you that this error is not intentional! What's happening when you reached out to our T-Force team on Twitter? Are we not able to place you back on your original data plan?

                • donrc2

                  My account still shows the phones I selected for the Unlimited Promo will switch to no Data at the end of my billing cycle.  I did some research and see this has been happening since 2017 so looks like T-Mobile needs some IT support, until then they need to honor what they post.  I have reached out to the BBB since no one seems to want to help.  I am willing to compromise from what I selected but something needs to be done for about this bait and switch.  I have been with T-Mobile since they were Powertel, about 18 years.  

                    • nelfar212

                      Re: Unlimited 4G LTE Promo on Simple Choice Plan??

                      The issue, the Unlimited option was a choice for a while. My understanding those of us on the Simple Choice Plans can make changes to the plan, but those changes have to be escalated. I'm frustrated because, I'm locked in with my plan with some great promo's that I'm not willing to give up but I'd love to have unlimited hotspot again.